Friday, October 28, 2011

Personality Portrait: Peter Buas

Junior economics major Peter Buas has one of the more ridiculous personalities. At the University of Maryland, Peter is a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. A native of Ocean City, Maryland, Peter enjoys surfing, skateboarding and dancing "like a maniac."

Peter's favorite sport is lacrosse. He has been playing since he was six years old, and currently stars as one of the goalies for Maryland's highly-ranked club lacrosse team.

Peter thrives on being unique. At the University of Maryland, he has taken a number of classes that set him apart from the rest. Last semester, he received a 100 percent in Modern Dance class.

At the University of Maryland, Peter has served in many leadership positions, trying to make every environment that he finds himself in more enjoyable than when he began. In Sigma Chi, Peter was elected Homecoming Chairman. His responsibilities included garnering brotherhood involvement, organizing each event and being a representative to our sorority match-up.

"Can I please please please take a picture with my skateboard?!" There are few things in life that get Peter Buas down. His humor and enthusiasm about every situation is contagious.


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