Wednesday, May 15, 2013

53rd Annual Sakura Matsuri Japanese Street Festival- Final

Interviewes in order of appearance-

Japan-America Society Volunteer- Amanda Stevotka
Karate Studio Owner- Steven Shuster
Japan-America Society Volunteer- Crystal Hodgekins
Purple Mario?- Justin Jones
With friends Earl Distance and Isaiah Christian

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

U-Md. Pride - Mary F.

Final Project for Jour203

victoria alfieri in class video final

its not late you gave me an extension

Anti-Greek life at UMD

I posted the link to my video while it was still uploading to youtube at 2:58.

Courtney's Final

Maryland Pride and Sports- Taylor Cairns

Dan Popper Video Final

Brett Hall: Maryland Pride?

Greek Life at Maryland

Maryland's Got Pride! - Anastasia Champ

Daryoush Ashtary-Yazdi Campus Pride

Waiting on Upload

Video Final- Shea Nanigans


Madeleine List - Greek

Tim Schwartz Video Exam -- Greek Life

Video Final

Kelsey Hughes Campus Pride

Jessica Suss Maryland Pride Video Final