Wednesday, April 17, 2013

victoria alfieri interview assignment

Greek Week Dumpster Painting

Obsessed with One Direction

Video- In class assignment

Mini Baltimore Railroad--Brett Hall

Video Project By Daryoush Ashtary-Yazdi on Drummer Michael Miraglia~ Terrible Camera Picture!

Dumpster Painting Greek Week

Candlelight Jam Sesh! - Madeleine

MaryF. - Nora Tarabishi: Flagship Program

Kelsey Hughes - Augmented Reality talk

Augmented reality tech Meredith Drum spoke in Anne Arundel Monday night to a group of DCC students about the history of the technique.

Interview with Chelsea Ingram

Daniel Popper Soccer Video

Anastasia - Interview/B-roll Assignment

Tim Schwartz soccer video

video project

Lardieri Video Project 1

A Smokers Take on the Smoking Ban- Taylor Cairns

A small story I did about a smoker on campus who will have to deal with the campus becoming a smoke free campus.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Interview of Courtney

MaryF _ Ana's Favorite Experience

Kelsey Hughes video editing practice

203 Video Practice from Kelsey Hughes on Vimeo.

The Aviators Man

Tim Schwartz Interview By Daryoush Ashtary-Yazdi

Video Practice

Victoria Alfieri interviewing Shea

Victoriaaaa talks about Australiaaaaaa


Alexa's Best Experience at UMD

First Video Assignment: Interview

Interview of Brett Hall

video practice - Madeleine

Lardieri video practice

Dan Popper Video Practice

Anastasia Champ - Video Practice

in class interview

Jessica Suss -- video interview practice

Dan Popper Reading Speech

1 min video


Daryoush Ashtary-Yazdi One Minute Video

Note to self: The camera is your friend, so act comfortable and articulate, i.e. don't sound like you have a huge lisp hahahaha!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

1 Minute Video Germano

Hit&Run - Madeleine

Clip of me foolin in Production


Lardieri 1 minute video

my horoscope for the month

Minute Video- Taylor Cairns

#NoRegrets #NoFilter  #SorryNotSorry #MyClosetShouldHaveBeenCleanedBeforeRecording #JonShamWow

But seriously,

For Journalism 203 we had to video record for a minute to show that we were comfortable in front of the camera. And this is what I came up with after a long 3 minutes of thinking.

I still can't decide if I am comfortable in front of the camera or not.

(All song rights go to Old Crow Medicine Show and Nettwerk Records.)


Tim Schwartz - "The Autumn Wind"


Sorry for the construction noise in the background...

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Victoria Alfieri- Unwritten Launch Party

PCWI-Shea Winpigler

Rebel's Birth- Taylor Cairns

Germano Photo Final: UMD Army ROTC

Photo Final-KITE FEST

Kelsey Hughes Photo Final

Lardieri Photo Final

Photo Final-A day at the driving range

Courtney's Photo Final

Photo final- DC kite festival

Dan Popper Photo Final

Tim Schwartz Photo Exam

Homemade Korean Cooking - Anastasia

Daryoush Ashtary-Yazdi---Photo Final: Profile

By Daryoush Ashtary-Yazdi

Final: Woman of the Year


Exam- Easter

Jessica Suss photo final -- Baseball