Monday, September 17, 2012

Kelly Salloum

My name is Kelly Salloum and I am a broadcast journalism major with a minor in Middle Eastern Studies. I am also the Journalism Representative in the SGA. I think I will be most interested in the photography portion of the course. Last year, one of my roommates was really into video and was using Final Cut Express all of the time and my other roommate was always taking pictures. I tended to just serve as the subject of the picture or video. I'm looking forward to being the one behind the camera. I know how influential video can be in reporting, so I am excited to be able to attain the skills I need to create my own. I was on the sports news crew for WMUC last year, so I have some knowledge when it comes to editing audio.

Alex Silverman

My name is Alex Silverman and I am a journalism and government and politics double major. Though I think of myself as a writer, I understand the value of the multimedia journalism skills we will be learning and look forward to learning more. I am interested in both photography and video, and have edited videos in the past. This semester, I would like to gain an understanding of how to tell stories through both pictures and video, as well as improve on my video editing skills. I have always loved the visual storytelling present in documentaries, and would love to make my own one day. As a journalist, it is important to have a diverse skill set, and learning about multimedia journalism will allow me to tell stories in an entirely new way. 

Cloe Buzan

My name is Cloe Buzan and I am a Junior Broadcast Journalism Major. Since deciding upon journalism as my major, I've known that broadcast was the path that I would go down, but I am still deciding which branch of broadcast interests me the most. I have done volunteer work in both television and radio news. I also enjoy photography, but I had never really considered it as an option for my journalism career. I'm hoping that this multimedia journalism class will help me acquire skills that will be useful for me in all of these areas. Enhancing my skills with audio and video packages to further my progress in the areas of TV and radio is one reason that this class interests me. I'm hoping that it also opens my eyes to ways that I can use other forms of media such as photography.  I think being aware of technical skills in different areas of journalism will help me decide which area or areas i prefer.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dennis Ting

My name is Dennis and I am a sophomore broadcast journalism major from Gaithersburg, Maryland. I have written for WMUC Sports, for the Gaithersburg Patch site and for FoxSports/ covering Maryland football and college football recruiting. I am also broadcasting Maryland sports on WMUC Sports and I am interning at SiriusXM this semester. I would say I am most interested in photography and video out of the three sections of the course. I was given a nice camera after I graduated from high school and I have also been interested in taking photos. I have also made a few videos with some friends and I am hoping to learn how to better edit and shoot videos. All skills are very important regardless of what track of journalism one pursues given the trend of media convergence that we have been seeing in our society. I also enjoy walks on the beach in the morning and curling up with a good book in front of a toasty fireplace at night.

Natalie Tomlin

Hi, my name is Natalie and I am a sophomore Journalism/Environmental Science & Policy double major from Ellicott City, MD. In high school, I was very involved in the photography department and took AP Photography during my senior year. I have experience in darkroom photography, as well as digital photography and editing in Photoshop. Since photography has been a passion of mine for over four years now, I am really looking forward to getting back into it and gaining more Photoshop skills. During my first year at UMD, I worked for WMUC News and eventually got my own radio show with a friend/fellow-Journalism major. By working at the radio station, I have been able to gain interviewing skills, technical radio skills, as well as audio editing skills, which will be beneficial for this class. I hope that Jour203 will provide me with greater confidence and ability in terms of audio editing. This year, I hope to start writing for various campus publications while continuing to explore all sorts of journalistic opportunities that the university has to offer.

Dan Singer

Hey guys!

My name is Dan Singer, and I am a sophomore multi-platform journalism major. Time and time again, I've heard instructors and reporters stress the concept of the multi-dimensional journalist who has the skill set to be his/her own reporter, photographer, videographer, editor, web designer, and marketer. Courses like this one are important because they will help shape us into self-sufficient reporters who can thrive in a rapidly transitioning field. I have some experience with music and sound production, but I am eager to explore photography and video procedures and software. I am currently an editorial intern at Brightest Young Things, an arts and entertainment website based in D.C., and the skills I acquire in JOUR203 will hopefully allow me to step out of my comfort zone and maybe take a stab at some photo or video coverage for the site. Overall, I am very excited to get some hands-on experiences with different multimedia platforms, and I'm looking forward to a great semester!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tim Drummond

My name is Tim Drummond, and I am a sophomore Journalism/Government and Politics double major. I've been interested in the field of broadcast media since joining the television station at my middle school. Since then, I've been an active member in the TV station at each of my schools, including CNS-TV here at Maryland. I've been particularly interested in the billion-dollar industry of political broadcast news, although I'm still working out how I plan to fit into such a competitive industry. To this end, I am currently interning at NBC's Meet the Press. I hope the skills that I learn in this class will provide a solid foundation for future courses and experiences in the field.

Sam Bortniker - Intro

Hi, my name is Samantha Bortniker, but I prefer Sam. I'm from Westport, CT. I am currently a sophomore on the multimedia journalism track. In high school I was the Web Arts and Entertainment editor as well as a staff writer for the paper. Last year I volunteered for Unwind Magazine and CNS-TV, but I plan on getting a lot more involved this year with campus publications and taking advantage of more opportunities. I'm really excited for this class although I have no previous experience in audio and or video editing, photography, and anything relating to the cell phone, but I can't wait to learn new things. I think this will all be useful to my future career and education in journalism and I am especially eager for the photography unit.

Allison Lee

Hello, my name is Allison Lee and I am a sophomore multi-platform journalism major. I have grown most familiar with print journalism over recent years but am now developing an interest for broadcast journalism. In high school, I wrote and edited for my high school newspaper (I have yet to write for an on-campus publication) and last year, I volunteered for CNS-TV. My experience at CNS-TV wet my appetite for the visual and broadcast side of journalism, and I am now hoping to learn more about the roles/effects of audio and imagery on journalism through this class. I have no experience using cameras or editing tools (for the most part) and am therefore hoping to improve in these skills, too. As much as a journalist should be good at reporting, he/she must have a technical eye and skills in order to be a master at his/her craft.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Karen Xie

Hi, everyone:
My name is Karen Xie. I’m a junior majoring in Psychology and Broadcast Journalism. At UMD, I am a staff writer and feature news editor of Public Asian. I also participated actively in different student associations. My long term goal is to work at a television station or fashion magazine. I have a Canon EOS 450D that I have used for years. And I’m thinking to get a newest one since they added video recording function. I’m especially interested in photography, and look forward to learning photo shoot tips and editing techniques in this class.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Alexis Anthony

Well hello there. I'm Alexis and I am currently a sophomore multi-platform journalism major (though that may be changing). To me, journalism is much more than articles in a newspaper or written stories on the web. Journalism is making news available and understandable to the general public. In this increasingly digital age, videos, photos, and mp3s are as--and probably more than--commonplace as books, magazines, and newspapers. People love the internet. People love cool graphics and intriguing videos. Pictures say as much as an article can, and they use less time to get a message across. As journalists, it is our job to feed news to the people. And we need to be able to adapt to changing forms of media to ensure we can always reach the public. It is highly important that we have skills in multimedia so that our pictures always convey messages, our videos are as informative as they are entertaining, and our audio clips are more than just monologues about the news. This is why I'm in this class.

Beena Raghavendran introduction


My name is Beena Raghavendran. I'm a sophomore journalism/government & politics double major from just outside Cincinnati, Ohio. I got into journalism writing for my high school newspaper but I'm really interested in different ways to tell stories. I've dabbled a little in photo and video but definitely want to learn more and become proficient in many different multimedia forms by the end of the semester. Here on campus, I'm a staff writer on the Diversions section of The Diamondback and a member of the Digital Cultures and Creativity honors program. I would love to be a political reporter for a large news organization one day. Looking forward to getting to know you all!

Karen Mawdsley Intro

Hi everyone,

My name is Karen Mawdsley, and I am a sophomore this year. Like most people here, I am pursuing a degree in journalism, hoping to double major with Spanish and minor in International Studies and Conflict Resolution. At UMD, I work as a copy editor for The Diamondback and am an active member of co-ed service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega. As far as journalism interests go, I am very interested in print journalism--both magazine and newspaper. However, I have a well-developed passion for photography, and I would love to get involved in photojournalism, with my ultimate goal being to work for National Geographic. For those of you who are camera people, I use a Canon Rebel T2i. I'm looking forward to learning more about video, audio, and photo editing through this class!

Jess Herman-intro

My name is Jess Herman. I am a junior from Long Island, New York. I was originally a print journalism major but I recently switched to broadcast due to my interest in television/production. I am excited for this class because I have heard it is very hands-on! I took a lot of photography and video classes in high school and loved them, so I can't wait to continue my media education and improve my skills. In this day and age, journalism has become more than just writing and it is interesting to see the other skills that make up this field. I have a variety of multi-media interests, so I hope this class will help me narrow them down.

About Me

My name is Christina Coplon and I am junior from New Jersey. I am really looking forward to this semester because I have always been interested in photography and video footage, but don't exactly know what I am doing! As we touched upon in class, the profession of journalism is revamping into a multimedia platform. Journalists are now required to fully report a story. This no longer just requires written copy, but also photos, audio and video to complement the piece. I feel as though this class will be beneficial to my future career in the ever-changing world of journalism.

Jen Gannon - Intro

Hi, my name is Jen Gannon and I currently a junior magazine journalism major. I've always had an interest in photography and it is definitely what I am most excited about in multimedia journalism. I have a Nikon D40 that I have used for a few years now, but I know that there is much more I can be doing with it, as well as with Photoshop. I'm interested in learning all about the different shooting techniques and rules that have to do with the world of photography. By the end of the class, I hope to feel a lot more comfortable using my camera and taking photos.

Multimedia Post

My name is Deicy Campos and I am a junior. One part that I am very interested in learning about in relation to multimedia journalism is the video concept of the class. I would like to understand how angling the camera makes the story appealing to the viewer. I would like to understand the basic camera uses. I have a camera that I just take pictures in, but it would be interesting to learn about special features that a camera has. I am not very good with technology, so i think this class will really help me get up to date with all the necessary technological advances for journalism.