Wednesday, December 10, 2014

JOUR203 Final B1G Ten

Greek Life Video Final

Video Final

Video Final

Big Ten/Cole Field House

B1G Ten video final

BIG 10 - Video Exam

Video Final

Reactions to Maryland's Move to the Big Ten - Lauren Bork

Greek Life at UMD

Greek Life Impact at UMD

Video Final--Caroline Cummings

Terps to the B1G-Grant Whittington

Kristine Auble Video Exam

Big Ten - Video Final Exam

Big 10 Final Video Exam

Big 10 Final Video Exam

Greek Life at Maryland

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sequencing Practice

JOUR203 Sequencing Practice

Sequence Practice

Sequence Practice - Lauren Bork

In-Class Sequencing Project

Sequence Practice

How to wrap a present

Gift Wrapper

Jacob Pargament - In-Class Sequence

sequencing in class assignment

Sequence Practice - Caroline Finnell

Sequence Exercise

Gift Wrapping Connoisseur

Sequence Practice-Grant Whittington

Sequence Exercise - Megan Lintz

Sequence- Meghan Moriarty

Kristine Auble Present Wrapping Sequence

Sequence Practice

Boohoo/HerCampus Fashion Show

Prelay For Life 11/18

FTK Pizza Fundraiser

Jacob Pargament - Video Assignment - Artist

Event assignment

Her Campus First Fashion Show- Meghan Moriarty

Her Campus/Boohoo Fashion Show

Food Co-Op Thanksgiving Dinner

Prelay for Life

Terp Thon's Miracle Ballon Monday

Terp Thon Fundraising-Grant Whittington

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kristen Coaching - Lauren Bork

Lauren Jumprope

Chris Bangert-Drowns, Founder of SLAP

In-Class Video Assignment

Operation Gratitude - Caroline Finnell

In Class Editing- Meghan Moriarty

Attempt at Video - Josh Needelman

In-Class Editing Assignment

In-class video assignment

American Cancer Society Benefit Concert

The first sale

Jacob Pargament - Video In-Class Assignment

Austin Fisher Creating Apps

Interview with Melissa Snively

Video Profile-Grant Whittington


Cooking Interview

Cooking Interview

Kristine Auble Veteran's Day at Memorial Chapel

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

JOUR203 Exam

Feature Haley Dietz - Lauren Bork

Thriller Flash Mob

"Deepher Dude"

Kristine Auble Fashion Show Video

Homestead Gardens Fall Festival

Tour de Four - Caroline Finnell

Midterm Project- Sex, Zombies, Apocalypse, Oh my!

Thriller on the Mall - Joshua Needelman

Alpha Sigma Phi Big-Little Ceremony

Photo Exam Deepher Dude

Disability Awareness Tour - Exam 2

TerPoets Final Photo Exam

Photo Final- Deepher Dude

Deepher Dude Mixdown- Grant Whittington

Raw Pictures link:

South Carroll Homecoming game

Deepher Dude Final Photo Exam

Jacob Pargament - Cows Practice

Jason Dobkin Portrait

Sophomore journalism major Jason Dobkin is a writer and co-founder of

 Dobkin enjoys playing a writing about all sports, but is especially interested in basketball.
 As a blogger, Dobkin writes most of his stories during basketball season, and does so from many different spots on campus.

Dobkin poses for a picture near the basketball courts near Old Leonardtown apartments on campus.
Link to raw take: