Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Daryoush Ashtary-Yazdi: Cow Galore!


Farm video- Madeleine

Jessica Suss -- cowz

victoria alfieri: life on a farm

Lardieri Cow Video

Shea Winpigler-Cows on cows on cows

Oh my god, cows - Anastasia


Forever a Family of Farmers

Cow Video


Kelsey Hughes Photo Slideshow practice

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Photoslide Project: Taylor Cairns

Personal Profile: DJ

A Gallery: My Walk to Class

Flowers are starting to bloom as the weather warms up

Many students ride bikes to class because it is faster

Various parking spots are labeled for UMD service employees only to make access easier

Blue lights exist all over campus to ensure student safety, especially at night

UMDs mall is one of the largest in the country

A tour moves through the mall

Students hang out by the manmade stream in the middle of the mall

The middle walkway

Fraternity and sororities placed dumpsters around campus to help decrease littering

The sewer 

Gallery Storytelling: Morning on the Farm

 Steve Dahringer walks to feed buckets out to the hungry animals on a cold overcast morning.
 Each horse has its own diet and the food must be measured out properly.
 Each horse remains their respective turn...not always this patiently.

 Steve fills the pasture feeders up with hey so the horses have plenty to eat for the rest of the day.
Water...its always good to have water.
A miniature horse finishes it's food and looks through the fence for seconds!

Personality Profile: Annaleese Johnson

Frederick Maryland local and Angelcakes employee, Annaleese Johnson, watches as a customer decides
what flavor of cupcake she wants to buy. Angelcakes is a local bakery specializing in cakes and

Annaleese is the cupcake baker for the store. She arrives just before 6am every morning to prepare the mix, bake the cupcakes, and ice and top them all. On Valentine's Day, Annaleese baked and iced 50 dozen.

"It's a lot more work than you think," says Annaleese. After already working 10 hours on Sunday and having yet another two hours still to go, Annaleese makes the finishing touches on a wedding cake.

Even though the work can be stressful, Annaleese enjoys working at Angelcakes. Here she is prepping the mixer for toasted marshmallow cupcake ingredients. She said that the first couple of weeks that she started working, all she did was eat batter and icing, and now she can't seem to stomach it.
Just before leaving the store, Annaleese takes a call from a customer. She recommends topping the birthday boy's cupcakes with batman and superman symbols. He orders two and a half dozen.
The swirled cupcakes you see in the glass case are inspired by the Chesire Cat. 

Terpoets Open Mic - Madeleine

TerPoets open mic, Dorchester Hall, Tuesday, March 26, 7pm
A high school student from DC Youth Slam recites a spoken work poem. 
Close up of a writer's notepad and pencil.

Local high schooler introduces DC Youth Slam, a youth slam poetry group. 

Jonah Potasznik, junior (left), is co-president of TerPoets. Tyler Kutner, sophomore (right), is on the executive board. 

Charles Zhuang, super senior, getting ready to DJ the TerPoets open mic. 

Crowd gathers in Dorchester for the Terpoets open mic, a group on campus dedicated to writing and reading poetry. 

Sung Min Kim, junior journalism major (left), and Teresa Russel, sophomore finance major (right), look over their notes before the open mic. 

Alex Walker, senior (left), waits his turn to read his poetry. Rhea Ramakrishnan, sophomore (right), watches from the audience. 

Personality Profile - Madeleine

Nusheen Majidi, a sophomore community health and psychology major, is a fitness instructor at the ERC. She teaches Body Pump on Sunday and Tuesday evenings. 

Fitness is very important to Majidi. She works out almost every day. 

Majidi just received her official personal trainer certification on Monday. She also teaches Boot Camp and Hit.  

Body Pump is a guided weightlifting class that involves various workouts to a playlist of popular music remixes. 

Majidi has been teaching Body Pump since she came to the University of Maryland as a freshman. 

Majidi demonstrates one of the arm workouts she teaches in her class. 

Gallery storytelling- Maryland Baseball Game 3/26/13

Event: Before and After AOII Initiation

Maddie waits with her friends, all wearing their white dresses.
The girls wait to be called upstairs.
Girls begin to grab robes for the ceremony.

Two girls in the sorority, Nicole and Courtney, hug after the ceremony.

 Each girl received a personalized letter from their 'Big'.

 Each girl also received a basket.
 The biggest surprise of the night was when the new members received their bags.
 Rae Barron leaves the house ready for the cold with her new basket.
Catherine and her big Brie pose for one final picture together.