Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Gallery Storytelling -- Amelia's Second Birthday Party

Amelia Gregor can't wait for guests to arrive for her second birthday party on Saturday, March 16, in Hanover, Pa.

Amelia opens her first gift, a bag of building blocks, with her dad, Josh.

Amelia celebrates by digging in to a cupcake while everyone sings her Happy Birthday.

Extended family members Melissa Willen, Scott Bogash, Donna Bogash and Nick Pummill (left to right) watch as Amelia puts on a show for everyone with her cupcake.

Amelia's mom, Carly (left), cleans her hands after making a huge mess with the cupcake. 

Amelia's grandfather, Louie Verrecchio, eases Amelia after she gets overwhelmed by all the attention. Her face was red from her rubbing cupcake all over it.

Louie holds Amelia while great-aunt Patti (right) tells Amelia how pretty she looks in her birthday outfit. Amelia is too tired to listen to what she has to say.

As the party winds down and guests leave, Carly, Aunt Patti, Jenna Verrecchio and Louie (left to right) watch as Amelia (center) tries to impress her dog Charlie with her new balloon.