Sunday, March 24, 2013

Personality Profile: Dalal Naoum

 Dalal Naoum, 23, drew cartoons for some time, until she came to love a new hobby - doll-making - a year ago. She orders the customizable dolls as a clear palette from China or South Korea and draws their faces. There are forums where people with this hobby share their creations.
 Deciding what step to take next is important because each time she makes a mistake or adds a feature she does not like, Naoum needs to clean the face and respray it anew. "A lot of detail goes into these, so time and thoughtfulness is necessary," said Naoum.
 She scrapes the pastel colors she wants to use on the doll's face in order to paint the powder on.
 "My eyesight is terrible, so, because I am such a perfectionist, I get close up to the doll's face to make each detail as precise as possible, although that's never enough," explained Naoum.
When she reaches the point of adding on the finishing touches, she becomes overjoyed. She adds on the gloss, and then all that needs to be done is the attachment of the eyes and the face to the rest of the doll's body.