Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tommy Morrison - Personality Profile

Tommy Morrison is a Boston University men's crew rower.
He has been rowing for eight years and has been on the team for three.
During the school year, Morrison devotes a majority of his time to the team.

Morrison makes one of three protein shakes he will
drink throughout the day in the kitchen of his apartment
on the BU campus. 

Morrison drinks one of this three protein shakes he makes
every day. This one is casein, a slow-digesting protein best
eaten before bed that helps build muscle mass.

Morrison stands next to one of BUMC's boats in the bay of
their boathouse which sits on the Charles River. Morrison
spends close to 30 hours a week at practice.
Morrison leaves the boat bay after a long practice on the water.
The team is gearing up for their first race against Brown University
in a few weekends and the practices have been getting harder
every day.