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Cow Video - Nicole Curtis

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Fitch Dairy Farm - Ryan Baillargeon

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Cows video

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Mooving Story of Dairy Farmers

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Asa - Dairy Farm video/photo

Cow farm

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Farm video

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Cow Video

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Waiting in LINE!!!

Farm Video
October 29. 2013

Fola — Cows


Peter Eliopoulos

Samantha Barnes of Shippensburg, PA stands in front of her rolling farm stand Sunday afternoon at the College Park Farmers Market. Toigo farm provides seasonal fruits and vegetables such as apples, tomatoes, pears, and peaches.

Barnes spends much of her afternoon organizing the produce to make sure everything stays fresh. Older crates are put out first to ensure nothing goes bad and the farm doesn't lose money. 

At The end of the afternoon of selling produce in College park, Barnes spends time leveling off the creates and moving apples into empty ones so they can be stacked for transport during the two hour ride back to Shippensburg.

 Customer Leeland Nislow asks Barnes about her favorite apples Toigo sells. The farm stand offers a variety of nine types of apples, and multiple types of pears and tomatoes as well.

Great food comes with a price, but many are willing to pay a little extra for great, natural fruit from nearby farmers, rather than paying for overpriced supermarket produce which may contain harmful pesticides. Barnes weighs out and prices the apples for a faithful College Park Customer.

Personality - Trumpet

Personality Portrait

Dorian Roberts, a sophomore at the University of Maryland, loves tea. A lot.

Dorian collects herbs and tea mixes that she buys from around the world. She recently ordered a tea blend from the U.K. She keeps her collection in her dorm room closet.

She gets excited when a new order arrives.

Dorian grew up around tea. She says her mother has been drinking it forever, but her own obsession started when she was in the 10th grade.

Her creativity shines as she chooses herbs to mix together for the perfect flavor.

According to Dorian, there's nothing better on a crisp autumn day than a hot cup of dorm-made tea.

Personality Portrait - Kamil Williams Rugby

Kamil Williams, fullback on the University of Maryland Women’s Club Rugby team, practices on the Engineering Fields Monday afternoon. She laces up her cleats and enters into her rugby zone.

“There is a lot of pressure playing fullback, I am the last line of defense to make sure the other team doesn’t score,” Williams said. Williams’ goofy personality becomes serious when practices and games start.

Williams demonstrates her flexibility while stretching, she made the transition from high school cheerleader to college rugby player. “Rugby has given me a backbone,” she said.

Williams said the first thing she tells people about herself when she meets them is that she is on Maryland Women’s Club Rugby Team.

Williams sprawls out like she does after practices and games. “Rugby is such a physical sport that after every game or practice I lay down and don’t move,” she said.