Monday, October 28, 2013

Personality Portrait of a Female Athlete Samira Jackson - Nicole Curtis

The Life of a Female Athlete

Samira Jackson

Junior Samira Jackson ties her shoe laces before she practices
on Saturday, October 26, 2013. Although basketball seems very
intense, Samira says, "I can have a great time and goof around
while playing basketball unlike many other sports."
Although Samira knows that basketball is a fun aspect of her
life, she takes it very seriously as she dribbles the ball on the
basketball court Saturday evening. 
Samira poses with her basketball on the court after she
is done practicing on Sunday evening. In high school,
Samira played basketball in high school, which is where
she got both her jersey and how she developed her
passion for the sport. 
Before every soccer practice, Samira Jackson sits on the field
and thinks of everything that she is going through in life.
Unlike basketball, Samira thinks that soccer is much more
complicated and requires a lot of concentration.
Samira dribbles the soccer ball towards the camera as she
tries to perfect her skills. Samira's goofy personality shines
as she attempts to do some of her favorite tricks.