Monday, October 21, 2013

Maryland Madness - Ryan Baillargeon

The line for Maryland Madness stretches into the parking lot between Cole Field house and Byrd Stadium Friday afternoon. Maryland students could begin lining up for the event as early as 6am Friday. 

Maryland Students Karl Griner (left) and Garrett Wessler (right) talk about Maryland's upcoming season while waiting in line. "I was looking forward to seeing how our team has improved and how the new players fit in," Griner said. 

After Maryland students were admitted into Cole Field House at 5:30pm, free posters, keychains and calendars of the Men's and Women's basketball team awaited them. 

Maryland students looked for empty seats at the sold out event. The final attendance was announced at 11,500, according to the Diamondback. 

The multi-purpose field house was converted back into its historic basketball arena for the one-day event. 

Men's and Women's players sign autographs for fans from 5:30 to 6:30 to kickoff Maryland Madness. 

A banner above the student section reads "It's like we never left #back2cole". The #back2cole was regionally trending on Twitter during the event, according to the PA announcer. 

The Maryland men's and women's teams split up into red and white teams for short scrimmages. 

To close out the event, the men's and women's teams formed four 3-point shooting teams, each consisting of one men's and one women's player. Guard Nick Faust reaches for a ball on the final rack.

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