Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nicko Duchesne: Personality Profile

John Pardoe, a sophomore government and politics major at the University of Maryland, does a manual at the Melrose Skate Park in Hyattsville, Md., on March 29.

Not every trick is landed, and a skateboard can provide a hand back up for Pardoe after a bail. Though he's been skateboarding for six years, he's largely escaped serious harm, with a sprained ankle being the most serious injury to date.

Though he may not have broken any bones, Pardoe has broken plenty of boards. "I used to have to buy decks in 10-packs because I broke too many," he explained.

Pardoe does a nose-slide grind on the waxed edge of a box at the skatepark. 

While skateboarding is a fun past-time, it's also quite a workout. An hour of skating on a spring day in the low 60s is enough to break a sweat and warrant a water break.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Marquis Goodwin: Personality Portrait

 Tyler Dextradeur, a Mechanical Engineer, checks his Honda Sport ATV Racing four-wheeler March 18, 2012 after recently driving it off-road. 
(M. Goodwin)

Mechanical Engineer, Tyler Dextradeur, sits atop his Honda Sport ATV Racing four-wheeler March 18, 2012.
(M. Goodwin)

Mechanical Engineer, Tyler Dextradeur, contemplates taking out his Honda Sport ATV Racing four-wheeler Sunday March 18, 2012 in North Haven, Connecticut
(M. Goodwin)

Mechanical Engineer, Tyler Dextradeur, checks the clutch for his Honda Sport ATV Racing four-wheeler March 18, 2012. 
(M. Goodwin)
Mechanical Engineer, Tyler Dextradeur, sits atop his Honda Sport ATV Racing four-wheeler and looks out into his yard March 18, 2012. 

Jarrett Adams - Personal Portrait Assignment

 Jourdan Alli (above) is one of more interesting freshman honor students on campus. He resides in Queen Anne’s Hall.

Jourdan spends his free time recording music in the library area of the honors dorm. Above, he recites lyrics stored in his iPhone. 

Above is Jourdan’s new tattoo that he got over spring break. Its his two siblings names wrapped around an angel with clouds in the background.

 Jourdan listens to his recording he just took moments ago. It is key that he get every detail correct when it comes to his music.

Above, Jourdan goes H.A.M. while recording his newest track.

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Kevin Chinn Personality Portrait Assignment

Sophomore Art major Casey Holt from Damascus Md. begins to draw 3-D figures for an assignment for class on Wednesday March 28th, 2012.

Holt says it is necessary for music to be playing while he is drawing from his lap top as we see in the left corner.

Holt is now shading the outside parts of the 3-D figures in this picture as he is nearing the completion of his assignment.

Holy making the final touches before he turns in his assignment.

Holt starting the assignment as Maryland pride is evident all over the picture from his shirt to the flag that we see in the background.

Hannah Anderson - Personality Profile

Jason Palumbo, a junior graphic design major at UMBC practices singing and playing his ukelele while he is home for spring break. Jason performs solo at UMBC open mic nights, and he also sings and plays the keyboard in a five-person band called Maitre D'.

Jason often practices his music at the beach near his house, which allows him to combine his love of music and the outdoors.

Jason began playing the ukelele this summer. He says he wanted to expand his musical talents beyond singing and playing the keyboard.

Jason began performing after he won his high school's version of American Idol in 2008. He says he used to be extremely shy, but performing in front of an audience has made him more outgoing.

Videos of Jason performing are posted on his YouTube channel.

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Antonio Barbera Personality Portrait Assignment

Joe Saliski, a sophomore history major at Loyola University Maryland, belays a student climbing at the Fitness and Aquatic Center, where Saliski works, on March 21, 2012.

Saliski chalks his hands to prepare for his own climb. Some hours of the day are slower than others, according to Saliski, and he often passes the time improving his climbing technique.

Saliski prepares himself to boulder, another form of climbing that uses no ropes or pulleys and is performed at low heights.

Saliski begins a traditional climb, barefoot, saying his feet feel more comfortable and that he has better grip than with shoes on.

Saliski takes a moment to relax between climbing, belaying and supervising at the rock wall. He is pictured alongside co-worker and fellow rock climbing enthusiast Laura Dauer, a senior at Loyola.

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Emily Wordsman Personality Portrait Assignment

Swedish exchange student, Max Fels, checks his phone while waiting outside of McKeldin Library on March 28. Fels is meeting up with another international student, Øyvind Våland for coffee during a study break.
Fels prepares to head home around 5 o'clock. He unlocks his bike so he can ride back to The View.
Before heading home for the night, Fels takes in the last bit of sun while review his notes for his 8 p.m. class. Fels is a graduate student studying to be a doctor.
While at home in Sweden Fels enjoys bike riding and other outdoor activities. At the University of Maryland he rides to get around campus and as a way to stay in shape. He takes his bike pass a couple of buses on his way back to his apartment.
Max Fels and Øyvind Våland enjoy a cup of coffee, joking that the only hobbies they have in America are chasing girls and drinking coffee, whisky and beer. Fels adds in that his evening will look similar with the two of them trading in coffee cups for whisky glasses.


Sam Schmieder personality portrait project

Laura Schmieder relaxes and crochets at a hotel while on vacation in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She started crocheting miniature animals when she went online to buy one and instead stumbled upon instructions on how to make them.

Her hands move far too quickly to see exactly what she's doing, but she is working on the head of what will end up being a bear.

Her box of supplies and some of her little creations sits nearby so she can get what she needs right away.

Laura's husband, Josh, playfully makes fun of her for starting another project when she has so many unfinished animal body parts strewn about with her tools.

Laura, a self-proclaimed wine lover, takes a sip of her drink before turning in her needles for the evening.

Gabrielle Kratsas Personality Portrait Assignment

Mike Santini, a junior American studies and Spanish double major at the University of Maryland approaches the mic as he prepares for a recording session of his new rap song, "Self-coaching" on March 25, 2012. This song is part of the fourth mix tape he has recorded after rapping for three years.

With his arm outstretched and his face almost touching the mic, Santini's emotion comes out through his lyrics as he raps "Self-coaching". Rarely is his head still enough for such a clear photo.

Santini stands with Brett Tozzi, a junior graphic design major, as he shares the frustration of yet another botched recording with his longtime friend and recording partner.

Feeling silly after finally completing a successful recording of "Self-coaching", Santini lets his true colors show in the middle of this homemade studio. Many recordings have been made in Tozzi's dimly lit room within the College Park Towers on Knox Road.

The Red Bull Santini drank in between recording attempts is countered by this pre-rap practice.

Alex Gharghoury Personality Portrait Assignment

Bridget Aylward, a junior animal science major, being lifted by the cast of Shock Treatment. She is the artistic director for the sequel of The Rocky Horror Picture Show being presented Friday night at Stamp.

Aylward giving direction to an actor while running through dress rehearsal in the Armory at University of Maryland on Monday March 26, 2012.

Aylward (far left) looks on with fellow cast and crew members and unhappy while some stand-in for the lack of props.

Aylward giving her artistic direction while stopping a scene to place her actors.

Aylward has everyone's attention after one of Shock Treatment's final dress rehearsal.

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