Monday, December 14, 2015

Erasable Inc. - Final Project, Daniel Ofman

Final Project

Ellen Back Final Project

Myleah Lofland's final: Unbound Dance Team

Tristan's Final.

Chelsea Hanson - Final Project

Evan Berkowitz JOUR 203 Final

Thanks for a great semester - here is my final. It chronicles Maryland Discourse, a new student organization on campus devoted to nonpartisan political awareness. Featuring interviews with Discourse President and Maryland Political Review Editor in Chief Adler J. Pruitt (sophomore government and politics and economics double major); Maryland Discourse C.E.O. Christian W. Knapp (sophomore government and politics and economics double major); and Maryland Political Review Contributor Kevin M. Ellis (sophomore criminology and criminal justice major).

Carrie Hanks - Final Project

James' Final Project

Layne Litsinger Final Project

Ryan Lander Final Project

Casey Kammerle Final Project

Zane Moses Final Project

final project!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Myleah's Final

Video Exam

Video Exam

Video Final Exam

Julie Video Exam

Video Exam

With the grace of God go I.

video exam -- layne

final video project

UMD Dining Halls — Casey Kammerle Final

South Campus Diner

Video Exam

Video Exam

Zane Moses Final Video Project

Video Exam: Dining Services - Chelsea Hanson

Evan Berkowitz Video Quiz

Thanks for a great semester.

I'm not sure why the video is letter boxing (if that's the correct term). In any case, have a good winter and beyond. Hope to see you around Knight. (Also, the video theme is safety.)

Peter Hailey's Final project: Campus safety

Video Exam

Made with the limited B-roll I could get from the dining hall before I was told I couldn't film it.

Monday, November 30, 2015

goalie story

Goalie story - Chelsea Hanson

goalie video -- layne

Goalie Story

In-Class Video Practice

Zane Moses Goalie Video

Soccer In class video

Tomas Potts

Evan Berkowitz Alternate Assignment

Here is my edit of the soccer video, the alternate assignment for Mon. 11/30. I forgot my headphones today so the sound component was difficult, but I tried to do my best with video. I don't know why the quality is off again - must be something to do with the upload.

Thanksgiving (sequence)

Guitar Maintenance and Accessory Preference

Jaemoon's Style (Sequence)

Sequence Video Assignment

Sequence Video

Zane Moses Sequence Video

Sequence Video

Sequence Video

This mechanical monstrosity is in my basement... it scares me (sequence video)


Julie Sequence Homework-French Toast

Sequence Homework - Chelsea Hanson

Sequence homework -- cooking

Sequence Video

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Monday, November 23, 2015

Zane Moses Event Project

Charity Concert

Charity Concert

Video News Story Assignment: UMD Football Season Overview

Fleece Friday in Oakland Hall

Foodie on Campus

Graduate Student Soccer Tournament

Mobbies Package

Intramural Playoffs — GloGang feature

Event Video Homework

Video Homework -- men's soccer game

Frederick Douglass Dedication - Chelsea Hanson

Evan Berkowitz Event Video

The North Hill Area Council of the Residence Hall Association (RHA) hosted a PB&J making event for charity. 40 attendees made 500 sandwiches, according to NHAC Vice President for Community Development Bryan Gallion.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Video Assignment

Video HW 11-16

Zane Moses Video Project 1

Interview with Former University of Maryland TEP Vice President Hayden Ginsburg

JOUR203 Video HW

Moriah James isn't your usual artist — her medium is the Etch-a-Sketch. In this video, Moriah talks about how she got into etch-a-sketching, what her artistic process is, and the online Etch-a-Sketch community.

Bright Beginnings Dance Show

UMD Writing Center

Lena's Cosplay

Here is Lena and her love of cosplay.

Faye Curran

Video Homework

Video Homework #2

Video Homework - Chelsea Hanson

Casey Kammerle B-Roll Assignment

VIDEO project

Video Homework

Monday, November 9, 2015

Julie Gallagher Reading CNS Halloween Drive Story

A Thousand Miles Vanessa Carlton by Ryan Lander

HW: read aloud time

Evan Berkowitz Poem Reading Video

HW 11/9- Hot N Cold Poem

Caged Bird by Maya Angelou

My reading of Caged Bird

Me reading a random person's Facebook post

Rinse the Blood of my Toga TMAD video assignment

Reading of "That Power"

what do we have in our pockets excerpt - etgar keret ---- Read by Daniel Ofman

Casey Kammerle — Trapped in the Closet excerpt

Video of "The Champion's Mind" excerpt

Reading of the beginning of the foreword of The Champion's Mind by Jim Afremow.

Video Homework

And the Mountains Echoed excerpt -- Layne Litsinger

Excerpt from Ellen Degeneres's "Seriously... I'm Kidding" - Chelsea Hanson

Just over a minute of Finnegan's Wake

Enjoy this – I know I didn't.

Video of Maya Angelou's I know why the caged bird sings

Monday, November 2, 2015

Diner Woes at the University of Maryland (Photo/Audio Exam)

Audio/Photo Exam

Audio Photo Exam

Chelsea Hanson - Exam 2 - SEE's Haunted House

Photo Exam- Terps Against Hunger

DC Dance Inferno Photo Exam

Isn't an inferno generally a bad thing? Like, Dante's Inferno? You'd think you'd want to distance your event from the stygian pits of hell, but oh well. Sounds cool, I guess.

Julie Gallagher JOUR203 PHOTO EXAM

Homecoming Service Project

Jour 203 Exam --University View Fall Fest 2015

Exam - University View Fall Fest

Carrie Hanks

Homecoming Service Project: Terps Against Hunger
Daniel Ofman

Cow Story James Whitlow

Sorry this was a little late – I didn't realize we were supposed to submit it to the class blog.

James Whitlow Photo Final


Peter Hailey's slideshow exam

Matt Brown: Trying to make a name as a transfer student

Zane Moses Photography Final

Casey Kammerle Photo/Audio Exam

Photo/Audio Exam

Evan Berkowitz Photo Quiz

Video is above. I am slightly concerned that the video may have minimized quality of photos, so I have linked to a Google Photos folder of the images just so you can see they didn't come in this fuzzy. Maybe it's just my computer. Anyhow, here's the link.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ami Charnoff - Photo Assignment

Ami Charnoff is a senior computer science major at the University of Maryland. He enjoys the technical side of computer science but he also loves art and has loved it since he was old enough to hold a pencil.

In addition to drawing, Ami enjoys the creativity behind engineering cool technology. Here he is forming the skeleton of a new R2D2 robot based on the new Star Wars trailer.

Ami is a tee shirt designer at He also illustrated a series of kid's books and is currently working on a several other creative projects in both illustration and design.

Ami recently began to dabble with video game design. He also loves comic books and his bedroom walls and shelves are covered in DC and Marvel posters, figurines and action figures.

When not working, Ami will most likely be skateboarding around campus, climbing buildings, playing video games, or listening to music.  

Raw Footage:

Monday, October 26, 2015

Casey Kammerle — Cows

Cows Video

Julie Gallagher-Cow Story

COWS- Practice video

Cows - Carrie Hanks


That's right. All the cows you could want. All in one place. You're welcome.

Chelsea Hanson - Cows video

Cows- Ryan Lander

Cows -- Layne Litsinger

Jake Britton Cows Slideshow

A moOOOoooving story


Video practice: Holy cow

Daniel OFman - Photo Audio Story - COW!

Cows- Allihies Melton

Cows Zane Moses

Evan Berkowitz In-Class Audio Slideshow
Dane Epstein, a senior at the University of Maryland, plays guitar for the band "Bad Karma" which he started with friends during high school in Pikesville, Maryland.

Epstein shows the love he has for his guitar, which he has been using since he was 16.

A close-up of Epstein's Carvin guitar.
Epstein, by his own admission, is a passionate back-up singer who becomes extremely animated when playing.
Epstein takes a break from the guitar to smoke a cigarette. 

WMUC Sports Radio Hosts- Joe Foley

 Joe Malandruccolo IV, left, and Jordan Burt, right, are sophomore broadcast journalism majors who have a passion for sports and radio. They are the hosts of "Charm City vs. The Big Apple", their sports talk show that airs every Monday from 2-3 p.m on WMUC Radio. Both hope to continue a career in sports media after their time at the University of Maryland.

Both Malandruccolo and Burt had separate shows last year at WMUC Sports as freshmen. This year they've joined forces, covering everything ranging from the MLB and NFL to NASCAR.

Burt adds his opinion during a segment on the upcoming World Series. Both picked the New York Mets to win the MLB Championship over the Kansas City Royals. 

Malandruccolo voices his thoughts on some of the past week's College Football games. Joe admitted he gets excited and likes to include hand gestures while talking, sometimes even slapping the table. 

You can see the dynamic of personalities between Jordan and Joe that gives the show its name. Burt, a Baltimore sports fan, represents the charm of his city. On the other hand, the New York native Malandruccolo likes to tell it how it is. 

Link to Flickr:

Zane Moses Profile Pictures

Jake Griffith, a freshman at the University of Maryland, is on the Club Tennis team despite being mostly blind in his right eye.

Griffith has learned to adapt given his lack of depth perception, and is quickly making his way up the ranks on the team.

Griffith was hit by a rock in the eye at a young age, it scratched his eyeball and scarred his cornea.

Despite the injury, Griffith played Tennis and Volleyball in high school, and he joined the Club Tennis team this year.

Griffith said his secret is tracking the ball as long as he possibly can, "the phrase, eye on the ball, is especially useful for me."

Kate! -Myleah Lofland

Kate Delossantos, a sophomore Computer Science major, gazes out of her window with one of her favorite plushies, "Edamame" perched on her head. Kate's class ring has "Jude" engraved on it, her middle name. She always wears her ring because it's purple, has a dragon, and a small engraving of video games. These are some of Kate's favorite things.

Kate stands in front of her impressive collection of posters in her dorm room. Kate says she has over 30 different posters from different anime that she has collected over the years. Kate is an avid anime watcher and loves collecting art of her favorite shows.

Kate on her custom made anime rug reading a manga called "Rohan at the Louvre." Kate frequently reads manga when she isn't studying or in class.

Kate also loves playing video games. She's playing The World Ends With You, her favorite video game of all time. Kate loves that video games are art. Kate loves that you can be an active participant in appreciating something that someone spent hours working on. Video games can be art, which Kate also loves.

Kate is serious about her rhythm games. Kate has been playing rhythm games since elementary school. These range from Dance Dance Revolution, Pump It Up, Beat Mania, Guitar Hero, School Idol Festival, Rhythm Heaven, and many more. Kate once won 2nd place at a Dance Dance Revolution Tournament at the University of Maryland.

Portrait Assignment

Cameron Neimand, a sophomore broadcast journalism major, raps in his studio.  Cameron performs and releases music under the name Neem.  

Neem raps his song "What Up" that was released as a single on October 12.  The track will also be featured on his upcoming EP titled Cera Burns in Spring 2016.  

Neem plays a beat on his Akai MPK.  He is always trying to expand as a musician and wants to be able to make his own beats one day.  

Neem plays his harmonica outside of his dorm.  Even though he only started playing recently he said, "it's always been a lifelong dream to purchase one."
Neem plays a tune on his harmonica.  He is a versatile musician; he raps, plays the keyboard and the harmonica.  
Raw Photos:

Bill Litsinger portraits --Layne Litsinger

Bill Litsinger, 54, enjoys exploring the outdoors and hiking. A hobby he enjoys in his free time with his dog, a Golden retriever named Cody.

When Bill goes on hikes, he usually puts aside branches that block the trails to keep the paths of the trails in tact.

He enjoys the woods for its scenery and tranquil atmosphere. 

Bill sometimes stretches or does yoga as he hikes because he enjoys just spending time outside.

Bill always has to keep an eye on his dog incase he tries to swim in the water or roll around in the mud.

links to raw:

Portrait Photography: Jordan Acton & Aashima Gupta

Jordan Acton, 24, is a competitive track runner of eight years. He holds the indoor track record for the 800 meter dash at Boonsboro High School, and he placed third at the state championships at Hood College in 2009. Acton still runs in spare time and hopes to race again in the near future. 

Acton stands outside the trail nearby the Varsity apartments as he prepares for a leisurely run.

Acton is ready to beat his competitors within upcoming races.

Acton shows off his runner's pose before racing down the trail on a beautiful fall day.

Acton stretches his hamstrings before his midday run.

Action puts on his running shoes before heading out to the trail.

Portrait photos of Lorah - Chelsea Hanson

Lorah Norman, a senior, Family Science major, crochets "cozies" and sells them to raise money for the National Alliance to End Homelessness.

Norman sells each "cozy" for $5 and donates 100 percent of the proceeds to

She has also added crocheted scarfs to her website, She plans to donate all of the proceeds from those sales as well.

Norman has attracted a majority of her customers at IFC tailgates, where she shows off her "cozies." Her Maryland and USA colors are the most popular, however, customers can request colors of their choice.

It takes about 45 minutes for Norman to crochet a "cozy." She offers two styles, one for a bottle and one for a can.

Linnea Gonzales - Maryland Field Hockey

Linnea Gonzales, a freshman forward for the Maryland Field Hockey team from Bel Air, Md. 


She has great forehand and backhand (as shown here) shots 
that she is able to get off quickly.

Linnea has some of the quickest hands on the team, which she uses to 
dodge defenders in the offensive half of the field.

 Linnea showed off some of her stick-tricks. This is one of the most basic - 
simply balancing the ball on the face of the stick.

Linnea hopes the team's success continues as they move closer to post-season play.

Picasa Album of Photos: