Monday, October 26, 2015

WMUC Sports Radio Hosts- Joe Foley

 Joe Malandruccolo IV, left, and Jordan Burt, right, are sophomore broadcast journalism majors who have a passion for sports and radio. They are the hosts of "Charm City vs. The Big Apple", their sports talk show that airs every Monday from 2-3 p.m on WMUC Radio. Both hope to continue a career in sports media after their time at the University of Maryland.

Both Malandruccolo and Burt had separate shows last year at WMUC Sports as freshmen. This year they've joined forces, covering everything ranging from the MLB and NFL to NASCAR.

Burt adds his opinion during a segment on the upcoming World Series. Both picked the New York Mets to win the MLB Championship over the Kansas City Royals. 

Malandruccolo voices his thoughts on some of the past week's College Football games. Joe admitted he gets excited and likes to include hand gestures while talking, sometimes even slapping the table. 

You can see the dynamic of personalities between Jordan and Joe that gives the show its name. Burt, a Baltimore sports fan, represents the charm of his city. On the other hand, the New York native Malandruccolo likes to tell it how it is. 

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