Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday Funday

Most people dread Sundays — they signal the end of the weekend and the beginning of class and work. But for a select group of Maryland students, Sundays are the best day, because they mean one thing: Football.

Junior Mitch Lord begins every Sunday with his weekly WMUC radio show. On Oct. 18, 2015, his focus was on getting all of his NFL picks correct and handing out useful fantasy football information.

For Lord, the show is the first step in what he hopes is a long career in sports radio. "Sitting down and talking about what I love most for hours each day would be an amazing job for me," he said. 

Juniors Anirudh Sridhar (left) and Marcus Hailstock wait for the 1 o'clock NFL games to start while sitting in their usual spots in the Varsity. "There's no place I'd rather be than right here," Hailstock said.

For junior Giuseppe Micciari, keeping track of his fantasy teams is more important than the real action. "I've been playing FanDuel and DraftKings a lot recently; I got money on the line every week!" he said.

Sridhar watches as his Redskins fall behind to the Jets in the second half. They would go on to lose 34-20, a score that Sridhar says will make his week feel a lot longer. 

Macaroni and cheese is a big part of the Varsity crew's Sundays. It's cheap and it's easy, allowing them to keep their focus on the TV. 

Sridhar dreads the elevator ride that he takes down to the lobby every Sunday evening. "Another successful football day is in the books, but leaving after them is never easy."

Micciari takes out the gang's trash after most depart. He's been hosting the outings all year, and they've helped him find a group of friends quickly after transferring from Coastal Carolina this semester.

As soon as he opens his door, there's no doubting whom Hailstock supports. "I'll stay with them forever, through thick and thin," he said.

Another part of Hailstock's room that's heavy on Burgundy and Gold. He estimates that he has about 30 Redskins-related items in his wardrobe, plus countless knick knacks like these.

Sundays bring along a lot of juxtaposition in the Varsity. Homework is important to the group, but when football is on, it gets pushed to the back burner. 

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