Monday, October 26, 2015

Portrait Photography: Jordan Acton & Aashima Gupta

Jordan Acton, 24, is a competitive track runner of eight years. He holds the indoor track record for the 800 meter dash at Boonsboro High School, and he placed third at the state championships at Hood College in 2009. Acton still runs in spare time and hopes to race again in the near future. 

Acton stands outside the trail nearby the Varsity apartments as he prepares for a leisurely run.

Acton is ready to beat his competitors within upcoming races.

Acton shows off his runner's pose before racing down the trail on a beautiful fall day.

Acton stretches his hamstrings before his midday run.

Action puts on his running shoes before heading out to the trail.

----- (an additional portrait photography session for indoor lighting comparisons) ------

Aashima Gupta, 21, is a finance and supply chain major at the Robert H. Smith School of Business. Gupta has been recently employed by the Deloitte consulting firm, and she serves as the membership chair in UMD's professional business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi.

Gupta conducts over 50+ interviews each semester with the members of the new pledge class.

Gupta attends executive board meetings and leads workshops to help members of her fraternity develop skills in professionalism.

Despite her organizational skills in school, Gupta enjoys coming home to a carefree room with a bed piled with business books and clothes.

Gupta is also a proud member of an on-campus dance team that celebrates Indian-style choreography.

Gupta is always on top of her business assignments, and she enjoys reading in the living room when in need of a change of scenery.