Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Relay for Life Final


Karen Castillo- Yves Gomes Profile

Art Attack Final

Homework 6

                                        University of Maryland students are finalizing last projects and preparing for finals 
                                                                as the spring 2015 semester closes.

                                            The weather is finally feeling like summer, and students are taking advantage of 
                                                                   exercising outside on campus.

                                                           The amount of bikes on campus have drastically increased in the past few weeks.

                                                               It is a common sight to see people soaking in the sun in between classes.

                                                               Places to sit, like seats around the campus fountains, appear more filled each day.

                                                                    The campus is green and beautiful again as summer is rapidly approaching.

                                                                 Proper spring care, like mowing the vast amount of green lawns, are happening 
                                                                 more often toward the end of the semester.

                                                            The University of Maryland's "M" on the roundabout is newly decorated with fresh
                                                                  flowers that represent UMD colors.

                                                                                Beautiful flowers are in bloom throughout the campus.

                                                          Students take full advantage of the mall strip on campus to soak in the sun.


                                                                           Many students take their homework on the lawns to study outside. 

                                                                      It is common to see most of the benches outside academic buildings filled.

                                                                            Students even take advantage of taking naps outside on campus. 

Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/132067925@N04/?