Thursday, May 5, 2016

David Fisher Final Exam

Video Final

Video Exam

Isn't UMD Beautiful?

Video Final

Video Exam

Video Exam from Samantha Reilly on Vimeo.

Final Video Project- Maryland Pride

Campus video exam

Video Exam- Maryland Pride

Video Final

Video Exam

Video Exam

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Legos - Laura, Mikaila, Julianne

Tina, Sam, Liza

Lego Sequence

Video by: David Fisher, Jessica Fischberg and Rachel Feidelman

Legos - Laura, Mikaila, Julianne

Family Day

Homework- Pot Party -Liza Noskova

Israel Fest Video

Occupy Mckeldin
Some of the background noise was a little loud during the interviews, not sure if I could have edited that on premiere. Definitely learned my lesson to interview in quieter places.

4k for Cancer

MVI_9162_1 from Samantha Reilly on Vimeo.

Occupy McKeldin / SD2SU

Israel Fest

Thursday, April 14, 2016


Cow Video

In Class Cows Photo Sequence

In class Video

Cow Practice Sequence


Audio/Photo Slideshow Practice, Tina Vo

Cows Final

Cows Audio/Video Slideshow

Cow Slideshow

Sequence 02 from Samantha Reilly on Vimeo.

Israeli Fashion Lecture

Dumpster Painting

Event Homework

Event Coverage from Samantha Reilly on Vimeo.

Alpha Xi Delta Step it Up 5K


Geek Week Talent Show

Jacqueline Steinberg: Sophomore Letters and Sciences major
Alyssa Domash: Sophomore Marketing major

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Mockappella - Video Edit

Mockappella Video

First Video: Tina Vo

Tropical Vibes

Intramural Volleyball Video and B-Roll

First Video: Jane Design Major

Festival of India

Video Editing: Womens Lacrosse

Heather Crafting Interview & B-Roll

Final Annie Spring Break Video

Interview and B-Roll

Interview and B-Roll from Samantha Reilly on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Favorite Tv Show! JSham

1 minute reading aloud

Practice Interview

Tina Vo, In-Class Interview

Spring Break Interview

Interview Practice

Interview Practice from Samantha Reilly on Vimeo.

Interviewing Makayla

Interview with Rachel

In-class interview

David Fisher - JOUR203 In Class Interview

Samantha Reilly - Spring Break

In-class interview

DSC_0001 from Rachel Feidelman on Vimeo.

David Fisher - 1 Minute Speech

Tina Vo, HW 8, One minute reading

Scars- Rudy Francisco/ Little over 1 minute


East of Eden excerpt from Samantha Reilly on Vimeo.

1 minute Reading

one minute video

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Profile - Liza Noskova

Judy Djlelati, a Government and Politics major at the University of Maryland, is the founder of La Citadelle, a candle-making business on campus. Djlelati makes the candles in her kitchen work-space and has recently started selling them at the Maryland Food Co-Op in the basement of the Stamp Student Union.

Djlelati buys the supplies needed for her candles in bulk. She says it is a much better deal than buying smaller amounts as she poses with a half-empty bag of soy wax.

Djlelati stirs the wax and coloring mixture as it begins to heat up and liquefy. She makes several batches a week, both for general sale at the co-op and upon individual request.

This batch is lemon-scented. "Someone requested one lemon candle, but I might as well make a whole batch and take the rest over to the co-op," Djlelati explains.

Djlelati hand-makes the labels for all of her candles. She says the name "La Citadelle" was inspired by one of her favorite places, the citadel in her home city in Syria. 

Photo Final-Liza Noskova

Chloe Jones, a Communications major at the University of Maryland, eats lunch from the Green Tidings food truck on Mar. 24. She shares her food with her friends Keren Straus and John Carlo, both Studio Art and Graphic Design majors.

Seirra Kelly, a Communications major, sits in a hammock outside of Jimenez Hall at the University of Maryland on Mar. 24.

Kelly works on homework as she sits in the shade on McKeldin Mall.

Kayla Garitta, a Kinesiology major, and Noa Dar, a Government and Politics major, sit on the steps of the McKeldin Library at the University of Maryland on Mar. 24. 

Lyle Moffitt, a Computer Engineering major at Syracuse University, sits in the shade on McKeldin Mall at the University of Maryland on Mar. 24. He is waiting for a friend to get out of class.

Moffitt lies down on McKeldin Mall as he listens to music and reads his book. He and his friend are planning on seeing the band The Who on Mar. 24 at the Verizon Cemter in Washington, DC. 

David Fisher Photo Exam
Gui Hall, and exchange student, and Jimmy Grant, an economics major, work outside of Somerset Hall on Thursday, March 24, 2016. The DC area has been enjoying unusually warm weather for the past month. David Fisher/JOUR203

Jeremy McFarlane, a mechanical engineer major, passes a football to Vitaly Romanov (not pictured), of the same major, outside of Prince Fredrick Hall on Thursday, March 24, 2016. David Fisher/JOUR203
Benjamin King, a Ph.D. student in business, enjoys an outdoor lunch with his family outside of the business school on Thursday, March 24, 2016. David Fisher/JOUR203

A boy in the King family looks on while his family eats  lunch. David Fisher/JOUR203

Eric VanWagner, who works for, hits a volleyball during a volleyball game with three other men at the 'quad' on Thursday, March 24, 2016. David Fisher/JOUR203

Photo Final

Sophomores, Jordan Buchannan, an Environmental Economics major and Anna Jones an Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences major at the University of Maryland enjoy relaxing in a hammock outside of Mckeldin library on March 24, 2016. The weather is in the 70s and a little shade offers a break from the sun.

Juniors Aliza Grant, an English and Graphic Design double major and Mina Pulitzer, a Community and Behavioral Health major are taking a break in between classes to eat lunch on the mall at the University of Maryland on March 24, 2016. They sat in the grass to catch up and catch some rays while devouring burritos.

Eric VanWagner, a 2011 graduate and Huy Nguyen, a 2009 graduate stopped to play a few games of volleyball on Washington Quad at the University of Maryland on March 24, 2016. They play together often and wanted to take advantage of the 70 degree weather by wearing bathing suits and starting some friendly competition.

Junior Architecture major, Alyce Bernstein, sat out on Washington Quad to catch some sun at the University of Maryland on March 24, 2016. She preferred to study outside on a woven blanket just minutes before an exam on this 70 degree day.

Senior Environmental Science major, Zach Smith, practiced a few skate board tricks on campus at the University of Maryland on March 24, 2016. He finished classes for the day and wanted to spend some time outside enjoying the warm weather.

Tina Vo, Photo Exam

Rebecca Habtour, a Graduate Architecture Planning student, sits outside Anne Arundel Hall at the University of Maryland, College Park, on Thursday, March 24, 2016, enjoying the weather and her lunch.
Candice Ho and Gina Liu, Sophomore Computer Science majors, spend their time between classes relaxing in a hammock at the University of Maryland, College Park, on Thursday, March 24, 2016. 
Liu purchased her hammock recently and was excited about the nice weather so that she could try out her hammock on McKeldin Mall.
Varun Chandran, Senior Economics major, decides to do some homework outside on the McKeldin Library patio.
Emily Starobin, Sophomore Environmental Science and Policy major, wakes up after a nap on McKeldin mall and enjoys as much of the nice weather as she can before heading off to class.
Maya Deane-Polyak, Sophomore Behavioral and Community Health major, is fully prepared to enjoy the day's beautiful weather. She has a blanket set up on McKeldin Mall to relax on and do homework.

Photo Exam

Salma Ansari, freshman biology major, orders a quick meal from the Good Tidings food truck outside of Tawes Hall in-between her classes on March 24.

Zelick, sophomore mechanical engineering major, decides to spend his break outside of McKeldin Library listening to music and enjoying the view of people walking by on March 24.

Friends Mattie Roesler, sophomore economics major, and Melissa Luse, freshman letters and sciences major, soak up some sun on the lawn of McKeldin Library on March 24.

While studying for exams Zoe Eisenberg, individual studies major, and friend Rachel Safferman, nursing major, spend time making jokes with each other on March 24.

Carly Puth, sophomore and pre-nursing major, and Idiris Mohamed, freshman computer science major, relax and enjoy each other's company under a tree on McKeldin Mall on March 24.

The winter weather is finally gone and flowers are in full bloom around the University of Maryland, College Park campus.

Spring Time at UMD

Tomisin Okanlawon, freshman Community Health major shops online outside of the Art Sociology building before her next class starts March 24. Photo by Toyin Akinwande. 

The Food Truck is back out for spring! Students and faculty wait in line to place their orders during lunch hour March 24. Photo by Toyin Akinwande.

From left to right, Caleb Lee, junior Music Education major, and Daniel Hopkins, 1st Year Master's student, enjoy their lunch under the shade outside Anne Arundel Hall March 24. Photo by Toyin Akinwande.

Tali Cohen, junior Art Education major, water the garden outside of the language house at the university March 24. Photo by Toyin Akinwande.

Cohen and Drew Nixon, senior Biology and German major live in the Language house and are apart of the Garden Club. The students of the Garden Club plant and tend the garden once Spring arrives. Photo by Toyin Akinwande.

More photos can be found here,

70 degrees and sunny photoshoot

Junior community health major Rachel Forman enjoys the beautiful weather on March 24th by reading her textbook outside of the Cambridge Community Center after class.

Freshman government and politics major Tatiana Bodnar studies for an upcoming exam in comfort: barefoot in a hammock outside of Ellicott Hall. 

Chloe Jones, a sophomore communications major grabs an iced beverage to stay cool at Green Tidings, a food truck parked outside of the Art-Sociology Building.

Undecided freshmen Edwin Alverado and Alex Calderon utilize Thursday's nice weather to play some 1v1 basketball at the court next to La Plata Hall.
Some students, like freshman accounting and supply chain management major Eileen Zohorsky, enjoy spending time outside because it is "peaceful, and just a good place to think."

Photo Exam

Students sit out to enjoy the nice afternoon weather on March 24, 2016 on McKeldin Mall at the University of Maryland.

University of Maryland Catholic Terps Missionary Lauren Murray (right) and friend Lindsay McDermott (left) talk on McKeldin Mall on March 24, 2016 in College Park.

Jordan Jones, a sophomore Environmental Economics major, and Anna Buchanan, a sophomore Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences major, laugh as they watch videos in a hammock on McKeldin Mall on March 24, 2016.

University of Maryland students Nadya Rizkia, a junior Psychology major (left), Mayra Lobaton, a junior Criminal Justice and Criminology major (middle) and Allison Bamavong, a junior Public Health Sciences major (right) talk on McKeldin Mall in between their classes on March 24, 2016.

 Erin Cunningham, a University of Maryland Geology graduate student and John Nance, a Class of 2013 alumnus, enjoy Jimmy Johns on a bench outside of Lee Building in College Park on March 24, 2016.

Fourth day of Spring

Emelia Gold, freshman, atmospheric and oceanic sciences major, sits on the lawn in the back of Mckeldin Library at the University of Maryland College park on March 24, 2016 on a nice sunny day. 

Chaviva Ruffer, Senior, English literature/language and literature major sits on the top of the brick wall at Mckeldin Library, handling an important phone call while enjoying her lunch. 

(From left to right); Julia Hurwit a freshman business major, Joanne Lam, freshman, undecided, and Mollie Keller, freshman, undecided sit on the lawn before class enjoying smoothies and having girl chat. 

Andrew Lo, a junior special education major, puts up his hammock outside on the Mckeldin Mall, putting all of his electronic devices to work while still enjoying the outdoors. 

(From left to right) Luis Argueta a junior mechanical engineering major, sits on the steps outside of Mckeldin Mall with his pal Aaron Burst, a junior bio engineering major. 

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