Thursday, March 26, 2015

Battle of the Bands

Audiences left the Baltimore Room at around 9:00 p.m., eager for the final round of competition. 
Journalists Lauren Bartley and Julianna Romaniuk interviewed Josh Leviton, also known as the "Orthobox." Leviton, who is an Orthodox Jewish artist, entertains his audiences by rapping over his personal prerecorded beat boxes.
The diversity of performances, from alternative rock to beat boxing, called for many different instruments and equipment.
Titi Awe, Oladayo Owoeye, and Funmi Owoeye, visitors to the University, enjoyed the music.
A panel of judges observed each set of artists to make the cuts for the final round on Thursday, March 26, 2015. 
Kevin Griffiths, James Riffle, Alex Galiatsatos, and Drew Vinton of "Bare Left" posed for a photo, while patiently awaiting their turn on stage.
The band "Talk Radio," including Kevin Lehr, Devin Ganey, and Mike Houser, opened up the show, performing some of their original music.
Crowds of students, friends, and family members filled the room minutes before the competition began at 7:00 p.m.

The University of Maryland's first round of Battle of the Bands took place on March 24, 2015 in the Stamp Student Union's Baltimore Room. Contestants compete to perform with featured artists, like the Chainsmokers and Jessie J., in the University's annual spring concert, Art Attack.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Karen Castillo-Cows Final

Cows Final


Cow Final - Mikayla Baiocchi

Cows: Kyle Morel

Cows - Talia Richman


Naomi Mengistu, a freshman at the University of Maryland, poses for a photo as she pretends play in a rock band with her guitar. 
Naomi is not a pro at the guitar but it is her hobby. She likes looking up how to play popular songs on YouTube. 

Naomi tunes her guitar before she plays. 

Naomi poses for a photo on her bed, her favorite place to practice.

Naomi and her friend Nelisa like to make up songs. Nelisa writes down catchy lyrics as Naomi makes up a tune.

Shane Kelly - Saxophone

Shane Kelly, a junior environmental science and technology major, poses outside of his house on Yale Ave. on Tuesday afternoon. In his spare time, Kelly enjoys playing the alto saxophone.
Kelly models with his alto saxophone, a Yamaha, on his front porch. He decorates the instrument's wooden case with drawings and stickers that convey his personality.

Kelly sits down on his case to play some warm-up scales. He's been playing the hybrid brass-woodwind instrument since he was in fourth grade.
All warmed up, Kelly plays some funk—his favorite genre—in his front yard, making it up as he goes along. He doesn't care about any change that gets dropped in his case—it's all just for fun.
Wearing a faded Mickey Mouse t-shirt, stonewashed jeans and green Converse sneakers, Kelly reclines against a tree in his front yard and poses with his saxophone.

National Dressage Young Rider Sara Hassler

National Dressage Young Rider Sara Hassler, 19, tacks up her top bloodline stallion Drops of Jupiter Saturday, March 21, for their daily training session in Wellington, Florida. She is preparing for her upcoming show on Thursday, which is 
          the last qualifier competition for Nationals this summer.    

Hassler poses with Drops of Jupiter, also known as D.J., outside her seasonal training facility 
in Wellington, where she trains every winter from December to April. 

Before Hassler enters the arena, she adjusts the saddle and stirrups to comfortably
fit her. The smile on her face as she is about to ride shows her love for the sport.

 In the arena, it is game face for Hassler, who is one of the leading young riders in the nation.
She is practicing the test for her next show as she gracefully makes D.J. 
do the extended trot that he is famous for. 

After riding for 14 years, Hassler said she could not imagine doing anything else. The
high level in the sport that she has made it to puts a lot of pressure on her. However, at
the end of every ride, she is reminded of the joy riding brings her. Hassler hugs 
her best friend and riding partner D.J. after a productive training session.

Raw Photos

University of Maryland Sprinter Sportraits - Scott Roman

Scott Roman stands on the starting line in lane one of the Kehoe Track and Field Complex at the University of Maryland, College Park during a photoshoot on Monday, March 23, 2015.  Roman is a junior engineering major and a sprinter for the university's club track team.

Roman sets himself on the start line before a sprint during Monday's track workout.  Roman designs the sprint training plan for Terp Runners, the University of Maryland club track team.

Roman jogs back tot he start line after a hard-run sprint.  The sprinter takes advantage of Monday's break from the winter weather and removes his shirt for the workout.

Roman bursts down lane one of the track, running one of the last sprints in Monday's workout.   The club sprinters workout on Kehoe track on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Roman poses stretching his calf after his hard workout on the track Monday.  Roman and the club track team open up their spring track season Sunday, March 29, 2015 at the historic Franklin Field in Philadelphia.

Raw Photos:

Monica Santizo

Monica Santizo from Beltsville, Md, poses in her house as she starts her daily yoga routine. Santizo is currently a junior Fashion Merchandising major at Stevenson University, 

Santizo poses on Monday March 23. 2015 outside her home in Columbia, Md. Santizo commutes to Stevenson University everyday. She says it takes her close to 40 minutes to get to Stevenson, but she doesnt mind the drive since she saving money.

Yoga has become a recent hobbie for Santizo, who has been doing yoga at her house for 2 months now. In the photohgraph she is seen doing the Downward Dog pose. 

In this photograph, Santizo does the Extended Locust pose. She says yoga is a stress reliever for her; school, work and church keep her busy all the time. Since her schedule is a bit tight she does her yoga routine at home and follows a routine she found on Pinterest.

Santizo says she decided to start doing yoga because she wants to become more flexible. In the photograpoh she is seen in her living room doing the Legged King Pigeon pose.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

In the newsroom with Ellie Silverman

Sophomore journalism major Ellie Silverman poses for a portrait while goofing around with an Associated Press Style Book in The Diamondback's editor office. Silverman, 20, is an assistant news editor for the University of Maryland's independent student publication.

Sophomore journalism major Ellie Silverman poses for a portrait while reading a copy of The Diamondback outside of the newspaper's offices above the South Campus Diner. Silverman has worked for student-run publication at the University of Maryland since first semester freshman year.

Sophomore journalism major Ellie Silverman looks over the front page of The Diamondback. Silverman, an assistant news editor, works two 8-hour shifts per week where she helps edit news stories, lay out news pages and upload articles to the website.

During the nightly editor's meeting in The Diamondback's office, sophomore Ellie Silverman goes over the news budget. It typically takes five stories to fill the news section and these articles are selected during the meeting.
Sophomore journalism major Ellie Silverman poses for a portrait while displaying her Congressional press pass. In addition to working for The Diamondback, Silverman is an intern for the McClatchy Washington Bureau. 

Beyond the cameras with Brianna

Brianna Hurwitz, from Poolesville, poses in Capital News Service's technical room. Hurwitz is a senior broadcast journalism major at the University of Maryland who is extremely passionate about working on Capital News Service, or CNS, which has a bureau at the university. 

Hurwitz plugs in a cable to a piece of equipment in the tech room before the start of a CNS broadcast. Hurwitz will be working on the VTR, or video tape recorder, tonight, a position she has a lot of experience with. 

Hurwitz downloads CNS reporters' video packages onto the VTR before the broadcast. Hurwitz has been a part of CNS for one and a half years, helping out with the show every night it runs. 

Hurwitz assists fellow University of Maryland student Summer Bedard, 21, with VTR after the broadcast has gone live. CNS is produced exclusively by students like Hurwitz and Bedard, who have passions for journalism. 

Hurwitz poses in CNS's tech room after the broadcast. Along with persuing a degree in broadcast journalism, she is also majoring in criminology and hopes to become an investigative journalist.

Raw footage:

Diana Goodman

Diana Goodman, a senior kinesiology major, shares a laugh with her sorority sister Leah Colleluori, a sophomore, in the basement of their sorority house on College Avenue in College Park, Md. 

Goodman relaxes and jokes around while warming up on her ukulele on March 23, 2015. Goodman plays the piano as well, and has been learning the ukulele for four years.

Diana Goodman tunes out any distractions as she strums a popular Mumford and Sons tune.

In front of the Alpha Delta Pi letters, Diana Goodman poses in her sorority house. Goodman has been involved with her sorority for three years and will graduate this spring.

Diana Goodman poses with her two loves - ukulele and piano. Goodman said learning the piano first has helped her understand music theory and made learning the ukulele easier.

Irish Dancing with Kaley Smith

Kaley Smith, 19, stretches to warm up for her Irish dance practice on March 24, 2015 in College Park, Maryland. 
Smith stands tall in a tiptoe position, showing off her step dancing feet. She has been dancing for 15 years.
After performing a jump, Smith smiles while readjusting her costume sock. Smith fell in love with the sport at age four  when her mother signed her up for classes.
While doing her hair for a typical Irish dancing competition, Smith wears a claddagh ring on her right hand. The ring's heart sits opposite to her body, which, in Irish culture, signifies she is not in love or committed to another person.

Gazing into the mirror, Smith concentrates on properly placing her performance wig and crown atop her head. She is used to dressing up for competitions. In the past, she has been asked to perform internationally.