Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Karen Castillo-Latino Health Fair

Around 2 p.m. Enith Salas arrives at St. John the Evangelist in Columbia, Md on Saturday March 7th .

The St. John the Evangelist church hosts the anual Latino Health Fair on Saturday March 7th . The health fair is an opportunity for the Latino members of the community to be informed about health issues and the services that are available to them. 

After grabbing some food, Enith decides to check out more tables in another side of the the church. 

Enith talks catches up with Doctor Karen Millet (Right) who used to be her primary doctor for a brief period of time. Doctor Millet is at the Health Fair because she wants to talk to people about Obesity. (This picture is supposed to go after the next one)

Enith grabs a few pamphelts informing her about the many medical insurance options that are available in the state of Maryland.  

Enith stops by another table to get her blood pressure taken. A Howard County General nurse (Right) and her translator explain to her what the ideal level is.

After taking her measurements, Michael Alloy informs Enith that she is a little bit above the ideal weight for her height and age. He says that it is only by a few pounds and suggests she eat a lot of vegetables and exercise more often.

Enith takes a few moments to sign a consent that will allow her to get a Flu shot at the Health Fair

Enith stops by the vision room to get her vision checked. 

After walking for hours and stopping at multiple tables, Enith and her friend Liliana Baez take some time to sit down and catch up.

After being  at the Latino Health Fair for almost three hours, Enith grabs her John Hopkins bag which is filled with pamphlets and information, and she says goodbye  to the other community members who attended the Health Fair this year. 

Walking in a now empty parking lot, Enith and Liliana make their way to their cars.

After an eventful afternoon, Enith decides to go home and look at all the information she got at the Health Fair.

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