Sunday, March 8, 2015

Snow Days

The statue of Testudo looks out at the empty mall during a snowstorm that hit the University of Maryland on Feb. 5, 2015.  The storm canceled classes for that day as well as the next day.

Two passersby brush snow off Testudo in the midst of the storm, which dropped approximately six to 10 inches on the campus Thursday.

With Queen Anne's Hall in the background, a pair of bundled-up students trudge through the accumulated snow on Thursday afternoon.  The snow fell throughout the day, and most pathways were not completely shoveled until the next morning.

Fresh footprints cross a path behind Carroll Hall during Thursday's snowstorm. Although the path had recently been cleared, a few inches of snow had already fallen in total.

A path next to the mall is completely cleared on Friday, the day after all the snow fell.  Despite the sunny weather, classes were canceled for a second straight day. 

Miniature snowmen served as part of a student's offering to Testudo in hopes that classes would be canceled due to the snow.

A personal note to Testudo reads in part, "Please cancel school tomorrow (Friday) so I don't have to take my calc exam."  The student's wish was granted, as an originally scheduled delay until noon turned into a full-day closure.

A group of students participate in a snowball fight in front of Jimenez Hall on Friday afternoon, the day after the storm hit.  The steps leading up to the building served as the barrier between the two sides.

Students hold snowballs in front of Jimenez Hall during the snowball fight on Friday, while another is packing snow to make one.

A student watches as his thrown snowball heads toward the other side of the stairs during the snowball fight.  While many students present actively participated in the fun, others preferred to stand around and watch.

One student stands at the bottom of the steps with snow stuck to his jacket, while others prepare to throw more snowballs.

A discarded hat sits on top of the snow as the Administration Building provides a backdrop.

A robin takes shelter from the snow by moving behind McKeldin Library, where an overhang provided some exposed grass.  Temperatures rose significantly in the days following the storm, to the delight of the bird and others waiting for spring to come.

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