Wednesday, March 11, 2015

6th annual Terp Thon

About 1,200 students welcome the "Miracle Families" from Washington's Children’s National Health System to the sixth annual Terp Thon, which was held Saturday, March 7, 2015. Twenty Miracle Families attended the event to show University of Maryland students the direct impact of the money they raised.

A Terp Thon volunteer takes a picture of members of the Kappa Delta sorority at the dance marathon event. About 70 percent of Terp Thon fundraising is done by Greek life organizations.

Senior Blair Warrick, a member of Alpha Phi Omega, writes out her letters on a wall at Terp Thon. The University of Maryland chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, a national co-ed service fraternity, was founded in 1947.

Sophomore Craig Weisenfeld texts his family to ask for donations while standing outside of the "Terp Thon Jail." Weisenfeld had to raise $25 for Washington’s Children’s National Health System if he wanted to get out of jail and continue dancing.

Samerya, one of the "Miracle Kids" who attended Terp Thon, acts like a police officer outside of "Terp Thon Jail." Samerya, 4, has Nephrotic Syndrome, a disease that prevents her body from breaking down proteins.

Senior Sarah Pontius wears a bedazzled fanny pack at Terp Thon, a 12-hour dance marathon. Pontius is the external director of the organization.

Sophomore Hannah Johnson swabs her cheek at a station set up at Terp Thon. The swab will enter her into the national bone marrow registry and potentially match her with someone in need.

A member of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority sports a button reading, "For the Kids!" at Terp Thon. The sorority raised more than $8,000 for the event.

Senior Elana Horowitz squats, but makes sure not to sit, while talking to junior Amanda Plavner during hour 10 of Terp Thon. Dancers pledged to stand for 12 hours in honor of those who can't.

Members of the Terp Thon executive board hold up the total amount raised: $604,318.24. This brings the total raised by Terp Thon over the last six years to $1.8 million, making it the eighth-highest-fundraising dance marathon in the nation for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

After dancing for 12 hours, the participants in the sixth annual Terp Thon can finally sit down. About 1,200 attended the event, which was held in the Pavilion at XFINITY Center.

At the end of Terp Thon, members of the Alpha Phi Epsilon sorority circle up to sing Lee Ann Womack's "I Hope You Dance." The sorority raised over $50,000 and was the highest-fundraising Greek organization at the event.