Wednesday, March 4, 2015

SHABAM - Talia Richman

Sophomore Ellie Silverman places her hands on a loaf of challah and recites the Hebrew prayer for bread on Friday, Feb. 27, 2015. Silverman hosted a SHABAM, which stands for Shabbat Across Maryland, meal in her South Campus Commons apartment while about 70 other Shabbat meals were held simultaneously on the University of Maryland's campus during an annual Hillel-sponsored event.

Sophomore Molly Podlesny and junior Christian Jenkins pose for a selfie during a Shabbat meal held Feb. 27, 2014. Both Podlesny and Jenkins, who are Christian, had never celebrated Shabbat before their SHABAM meal. 

Sophomore Ellie Silverman leads a group of University of Maryland students in the Shabbat prayers during a SHABAM meal she hosted in her apartment on Friday, Feb. 27. Most SHABAM meals are themed and Silverman's meal consisted of all Diamondback staff members.