Wednesday, March 25, 2015

National Dressage Young Rider Sara Hassler

National Dressage Young Rider Sara Hassler, 19, tacks up her top bloodline stallion Drops of Jupiter Saturday, March 21, for their daily training session in Wellington, Florida. She is preparing for her upcoming show on Thursday, which is 
          the last qualifier competition for Nationals this summer.    

Hassler poses with Drops of Jupiter, also known as D.J., outside her seasonal training facility 
in Wellington, where she trains every winter from December to April. 

Before Hassler enters the arena, she adjusts the saddle and stirrups to comfortably
fit her. The smile on her face as she is about to ride shows her love for the sport.

 In the arena, it is game face for Hassler, who is one of the leading young riders in the nation.
She is practicing the test for her next show as she gracefully makes D.J. 
do the extended trot that he is famous for. 

After riding for 14 years, Hassler said she could not imagine doing anything else. The
high level in the sport that she has made it to puts a lot of pressure on her. However, at
the end of every ride, she is reminded of the joy riding brings her. Hassler hugs 
her best friend and riding partner D.J. after a productive training session.

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