Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Monica Santizo

Monica Santizo from Beltsville, Md, poses in her house as she starts her daily yoga routine. Santizo is currently a junior Fashion Merchandising major at Stevenson University, 

Santizo poses on Monday March 23. 2015 outside her home in Columbia, Md. Santizo commutes to Stevenson University everyday. She says it takes her close to 40 minutes to get to Stevenson, but she doesnt mind the drive since she saving money.

Yoga has become a recent hobbie for Santizo, who has been doing yoga at her house for 2 months now. In the photohgraph she is seen doing the Downward Dog pose. 

In this photograph, Santizo does the Extended Locust pose. She says yoga is a stress reliever for her; school, work and church keep her busy all the time. Since her schedule is a bit tight she does her yoga routine at home and follows a routine she found on Pinterest.

Santizo says she decided to start doing yoga because she wants to become more flexible. In the photograpoh she is seen in her living room doing the Legged King Pigeon pose.