Tuesday, March 10, 2015

TOTUS Spoken Word presentations

Students walked into the Stamp Student Union's Atrium on Tuesday for a night of spoken word presentations. The "Mixed Monologues" were presented as part of the University of Maryland's "Mixed Madness Heritage Month", an annual heritage month celebrating culture.

Free pizza and desserts were provided at the event, attracting many students who were in search of both a free meal and an enlightening cultural experience.

Students got the opportunity to socialize, listen to music, and meet new people before the event started.

TOTUS, the organization that presents "Mixed Madness Heritage Month" each year, themed this year's events with the slogan "We're not there yet". The organization strives to bridge the inequality gap for those who consider themselves multi-racial or multi-ethnic.

Spoken word presenters put in some last minute practice for their pieces. Students enrolled in spoken word classes at the University of Maryland presented, and there was an open-mic at the end of the night for students who wanted to share poetry, stories, or experiences.

First to present was Segun Awe, a junior computer science major. His piece addressed the stereotypes of African American young men, and things they "cannot do, such as wear a hoodie at night."

Jill Santos, a junior psychology and criminology major, presented a series of poems about feminism. Her poems dissected the difference between "white feminism" and feminism in other cultures.

Santos' piece enthralled many students and left the room silent. Juniors Lami Onifade, a family science major, and Tabitha Ernst, a linguistics major, listened intently.

Two presenters give each other a high-five to congratulate a job well done at the close of the event.

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