Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Photo Story- UMD Swim Meet

The University of Maryland Aquatic Club prepares for their swim meet at the Eppley Recreation Center Natatorium on Saturday March 7, 2015. They were competing against Rutgers University, and ex-rival school, Duke. 

A Rutgers swimmer prepares to dive in during warm ups. 

Three Rutgers female swimmers make their way to the pool to warm up. 

Some University of Maryland male swimmers chat in the pool while getting used to the water. 

Two male UMD swimmers get ready to race each other in the backstroke during warm ups.

All participants begin to make their way to the pool.

The UMD team gathers round to sing and do their chant, "GO MARYLAND!"

The announcer let's everyone know the order, and announces the National Anthem. 

Female swimmers wait by the pool for their race to start.

A few swimmers test the water before they set up for their race.

A UMD swimmer dives in as her partner reaches the finish line.

Swimmers exit the pool after their race. 

Three swimmers, including a female from Duke, take a plunge as they hear the signal to go.

A Duke swimmer stretches out before his race.

A Rutgers swimmer rejoins his team after his race is over.

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