Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Shane Kelly - Saxophone

Shane Kelly, a junior environmental science and technology major, poses outside of his house on Yale Ave. on Tuesday afternoon. In his spare time, Kelly enjoys playing the alto saxophone.
Kelly models with his alto saxophone, a Yamaha, on his front porch. He decorates the instrument's wooden case with drawings and stickers that convey his personality.

Kelly sits down on his case to play some warm-up scales. He's been playing the hybrid brass-woodwind instrument since he was in fourth grade.
All warmed up, Kelly plays some funk—his favorite genre—in his front yard, making it up as he goes along. He doesn't care about any change that gets dropped in his case—it's all just for fun.
Wearing a faded Mickey Mouse t-shirt, stonewashed jeans and green Converse sneakers, Kelly reclines against a tree in his front yard and poses with his saxophone.

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