Monday, December 14, 2015

Erasable Inc. - Final Project, Daniel Ofman

Final Project

Ellen Back Final Project

Myleah Lofland's final: Unbound Dance Team

Tristan's Final.

Chelsea Hanson - Final Project

Evan Berkowitz JOUR 203 Final

Thanks for a great semester - here is my final. It chronicles Maryland Discourse, a new student organization on campus devoted to nonpartisan political awareness. Featuring interviews with Discourse President and Maryland Political Review Editor in Chief Adler J. Pruitt (sophomore government and politics and economics double major); Maryland Discourse C.E.O. Christian W. Knapp (sophomore government and politics and economics double major); and Maryland Political Review Contributor Kevin M. Ellis (sophomore criminology and criminal justice major).

Carrie Hanks - Final Project

James' Final Project

Layne Litsinger Final Project

Ryan Lander Final Project

Casey Kammerle Final Project

Zane Moses Final Project

final project!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Myleah's Final

Video Exam

Video Exam

Video Final Exam

Julie Video Exam

Video Exam

With the grace of God go I.

video exam -- layne

final video project

UMD Dining Halls — Casey Kammerle Final

South Campus Diner

Video Exam

Video Exam

Zane Moses Final Video Project

Video Exam: Dining Services - Chelsea Hanson

Evan Berkowitz Video Quiz

Thanks for a great semester.

I'm not sure why the video is letter boxing (if that's the correct term). In any case, have a good winter and beyond. Hope to see you around Knight. (Also, the video theme is safety.)

Peter Hailey's Final project: Campus safety

Video Exam

Made with the limited B-roll I could get from the dining hall before I was told I couldn't film it.