Monday, October 19, 2015

Maryland Field Hockey pre-game

Freshman Olivia Reiter waits to receive treatment for her ankles. She has to have her ankles taped before every practice and game.

Sandra Worth tapes Olivia Reiter’s ankles in her hotel room before leaving for the game. She is the primary athletic trainer for the Terrapin Field Hockey team. 

Olivia’s foot is finished being wrapped. On the inside she receives a pre-wrap material for comfort. On top of the pre-wrap, is a bandage roll, which is then taped completely over for optimal stability.

Teammates Sarah Holliday, Welma Luus, and Lein Holsboer (pictured left to right) all wait their turn to receive treatment after Olivia is finished. Holliday is using a heating pad at the moment to relax a bruise she received prior in practice.

The entire room of team members waiting to receive treatment before their game from the trainer.

Olivia's full ankle taping. She has to have both ankles taped.

Olivia walking back to her hotel room, to continue her pre-game preparation.

After packing up her suitcase, Olivia always braids freshman teammate Julie Duncan’s hair before the game.

Olivia braiding Julie Duncan’s hair.

Olivia as she is putting on her game socks, and shoes.

The team meeting in the lobby to have one last pre-game talk before heading to the Rutgers field.

The team loading up the bus preparing to leave for the game.

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