Monday, October 19, 2015

WMUC Third Rail

Every Sunday, WMUC broadcasts a live concert featuring local and national bands at 6:00 p.m.

Bassist John Dubs of the band "Dinged Up," from Westminster Md., relaxes before his performance.

Inside the control booth, live sound technicians are preparing for the broadcast. There is over $25,000 of musical equipment in this room alone.

Drummer and lead vocalist Joe Rankin tightens his cymbals before the sound check.
 A backup guitar lies leisurely on a chair in case anything should happen.

Guitarist Johnny Fisher and Rankin warm up during their sound-check.

 Dubs provides the low end and anchors the band during their set.

 Dubs and Rankin perform their song "Red Lady" along with Fisher (not pictured).

 A sound engineer adjusts the levels. Having the right mix of treble, bass and midrange is crucial to a good performance.

 The entire set is broadcast live on WMUC and recorded in the control booth.

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