Monday, October 19, 2015

Photo Story NPR Zane Moses

Washington DC is home to some of the most important decisions and events in the world, so it is not surprising that it is also home to the most important news outlets in the world.

One such news outlet is the foremost radio news provider in America, National Public Radio (NPR).  On October 15 University of Maryland journalism majors were given a tour of the radio news process from inspiration to publication.

Kyle Morel, bottom right, looks up at the headlines scrolling across the doorway, much in the same way a print publication would.

A colorful display at the entrance of the building reflects the push for modernization of a medium, radio, that many people feel is dated.

The group checks in at security, one by one confirming their identity and receiving guest passes in exchange.

The process begins in the conference room, where ideas are pitched and accepted.  By the time a journalist walks out the door, he or she would know what her story is, where to get it, and exactly how long her story needs to be.

News is digested and programs are set in this hub.  The big screen in the center reflects what is happening on NPR at any given moment while the screens to the side are constantly running news from many different sources.

Senior education editor Steve Drummond shows the group a small recording studio, where some of the news is reported.  The news is then edited and broadcasted through the control room in front of the glass.

This board controls what is being broadcasted from where, it is constantly switching from the live feed to pre-recorded stories from all around the world.

The main control room has control of all other rooms, and it is the lynch pin that holds the radio station together.  A constant feed of the station is playing and this man controls almost everything that is being broadcasted from Washington DC.

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