Monday, October 26, 2015

Kate! -Myleah Lofland

Kate Delossantos, a sophomore Computer Science major, gazes out of her window with one of her favorite plushies, "Edamame" perched on her head. Kate's class ring has "Jude" engraved on it, her middle name. She always wears her ring because it's purple, has a dragon, and a small engraving of video games. These are some of Kate's favorite things.

Kate stands in front of her impressive collection of posters in her dorm room. Kate says she has over 30 different posters from different anime that she has collected over the years. Kate is an avid anime watcher and loves collecting art of her favorite shows.

Kate on her custom made anime rug reading a manga called "Rohan at the Louvre." Kate frequently reads manga when she isn't studying or in class.

Kate also loves playing video games. She's playing The World Ends With You, her favorite video game of all time. Kate loves that video games are art. Kate loves that you can be an active participant in appreciating something that someone spent hours working on. Video games can be art, which Kate also loves.

Kate is serious about her rhythm games. Kate has been playing rhythm games since elementary school. These range from Dance Dance Revolution, Pump It Up, Beat Mania, Guitar Hero, School Idol Festival, Rhythm Heaven, and many more. Kate once won 2nd place at a Dance Dance Revolution Tournament at the University of Maryland.

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