Monday, October 19, 2015

Mark Strauss: Holocaust survivor

Mark Strauss: Holocaust survivor

Holocaust survivor Mark Strauss, a world-renowned artist and author visited the University of Maryland Hillel house on Oct. 15. 

Before the event Strauss enjoyed dinner and a few laughs in the company of students representing various clubs and organizations.

During the dinner and before the main event Strauss spoke casually sporting a big smile and exchanging jokes with students

 Strauss emphasized the fact that even though he lived through the holocaust those dark years had many sparks of light and were important in shaping who he is as person today.

On the second floor of the Hillel house, inside the event hall, Strauss had a few moments to catch up with a few acquaintances.

Caleb Koffler, a senior business major exchanges a few words with Strauss moments before the event making sure that Strauss had everything he needed for his presentation.

About 100 students were present for Strauss’ presentation. The room was filled to full capacity making it difficult for the Strauss to saunter up and down the aisles as he told his story.

During the speech Strauss spoke candidly the mass murder of Polish Jews during the Holocaust. Here Strauss reaches an intense moment describing the atrocities of the war.  

About a half million residents lived in Strauss’s hometown and 100,000 of those people were people were Jewish. Of those 100,000 Jewish residents, about 85,000 of them died in executions. 

During his retirement Strauss has delved into the world of art which he displayed after telling his life story. Now he devotes his time to writing his memoirs and spending tie with his grandchildren. 

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