Wednesday, March 14, 2012


On Saturday, March 10, hundreds of students gathered in Cole Field House for Terp Thon. Terp Thon is an annual dance marathon at University of Maryland, College Park that raises money for the Children's National Medical Center. Students pledged to dance and stand up for 12 hours straight.


Students were given the chance to write on the blackboard above why they chose to dance at Terp Thon. By the end of the night you could barely see any black.

Some students purchased customized shoes, hats and pinnies for Terp Thon. The hat above was worn by one UMD student and it says "STAND UP..." on the front and "FOR THE KIDS," on the back. The hat pays tribute to the fact that students pledged to stand up at Terp Thon for all the kids who can't.

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