Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Emily Wordsman Personality Portrait Assignment

Swedish exchange student, Max Fels, checks his phone while waiting outside of McKeldin Library on March 28. Fels is meeting up with another international student, Øyvind Våland for coffee during a study break.
Fels prepares to head home around 5 o'clock. He unlocks his bike so he can ride back to The View.
Before heading home for the night, Fels takes in the last bit of sun while review his notes for his 8 p.m. class. Fels is a graduate student studying to be a doctor.
While at home in Sweden Fels enjoys bike riding and other outdoor activities. At the University of Maryland he rides to get around campus and as a way to stay in shape. He takes his bike pass a couple of buses on his way back to his apartment.
Max Fels and Øyvind Våland enjoy a cup of coffee, joking that the only hobbies they have in America are chasing girls and drinking coffee, whisky and beer. Fels adds in that his evening will look similar with the two of them trading in coffee cups for whisky glasses.


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