Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tim Horsey Personality Portrait

Drew Hallman, a sophomore at Towson University, poses with his drum set before he begins practicing. Hallman has been playing the drums since the fourth grade.

Drew often practices in the basement of his parents' home in Westminster, Md. Hallman said that he began to play the drums because of his "lifelong appreciation and love for music" and because he also "wanted to learn a lifelong skill."

Hallman has played for a multitude of bands in his career, including Robots from Space, Walrus Eats Dingo, The Naked Truth, The Ottawa Object, and most recently The Hallman Brothers.

Hallman is seen here practicing for two upcoming concerts that his band, The Hallman Brothers, is performing in. The first will be held at Loyola University's Relay for Life on March 31. The second concert will be on April 27 at Baltimore's Charm City Art Space.

Hallman said that he loves playing the drums because "it's a positive outlet for all of my emotions, thoughts, ideas, and feelings."

The rest of my photos from my time with Drew are located here: https://picasaweb.google.com/100512872974921416569/PersonalityPortrait

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