Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Character Portrait Joe Vellano-- Brittany Sena

University of Maryland's star defensive tackle practiced throwing the football around at Byrd Stadium on March 24, 2012. Spring Practice has started and Vellano is prepared to have another highlight season.

Vellano stares into the open seats at Byrd Stadium as he envisions a sold out season opener. The Terps will take on William & Mary on Sept. 1, 2012. 

Getting in his stance, Vellano critiqued his technique and thought of ways to improve his quickness. Vellano is known for being unstoppable with his first step off the ball. 

As he sits on the top bleacher in Byrd Stadium, Vellano smiles as he looks back on all the great memories he has had in this stadium the past three years. Vellano has decided to return to the Terps team for his senior season. 

In his Junior year season, Vellano earned himself All-American honors. Vellano's name has now been placed in Byrd Stadium next to former Maryland All-Americas, including his father.Vellano and his father are the first and only father-son All-Americans in ACC history. 


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