Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Personality Portrait; Cherise Centi

Mike Conti, 21 year old computer science major at the University of Maryland, tightens up his trucks on his longboard before skating at one of his favorite skate-spots on campus, the South Campus parking garage.

Conti strikes an epic pose while screaming the lyrics to one of his favorite metal songs. He likes to listen to metal music when he skates because it's fast paced.

Even though longboards aren't usually used to do tricks on, Conti jumps into the air off his longboard to show off his skills while riding around the parking garage.

After dominating the parking garage, Conti sits on the wall for a short break. Just before leaving the garage, he jumps off the wall onto his longboard to skate out to the next spot.

Conti relaxes and smokes a cigarette before heading back to his frat house after a day of long boarding.