Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Janae Cruz Personality Portrait Assignment

Kayla Miner, a sophomore animal science major at University of Maryland, College Park, sits on a stack of hay at the campus farm on March 27, 2012. Miner has been volunteering at the farm for the past two years.

Miner spends anywhere from five to 15 hours a week at the campus farm, but she never gets bored. She loves spending time with the animals, but she also enjoys manual labor. “I spend so much time doing mental work that it's nice to get physically exhausted instead of mentally exhausted once in a while,” Miner said.

Miner has a true compassion for animals not just cows like Daphne (seen above), but also regular household pets and wild life animals. Miner wants to go to veterinarian school after graduating from University of Maryland. She hopes to become a vet in an animal shelter. She has already completed more than 400 hours of volunteering.

Above Miner is writing in the campus farm logbook. She is very thorough when it comes to documenting everything she does in the farm. She always checks the farm logbook to make sure all the animals who are sick are properly taken care of and fed and that all the tasks that need to be done are done. 

 Miner takes a break and lies on a couch at the campus farm after a few hours of hard work. After stacking hay and straw, feeding animals, building chicken coops and taking care of baby lambs Miner likes to relax in the social room at the farm.

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