Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Scott Zlotnick Personality Portrait

Eric Meyer, a sophomore at the University of Maryland, is a pizza delivery man for Fox's Pizza on Route 1.  While delivering food, he enjoys the sunny weather and puts the windows down in his car.

After the food has been made, Eric must put the food in a pizza bag in order to keep the food as warm as possible for the client.

Eric makes a delivery to Friendly Computer Services on Baltimore Avenue.  Despite being across the street from Fox's Pizza, Eric says the business normally has the food delivered and tips him quite well.

When Eric has down time in-between deliveries, the manager asks him to clean up the restaurant.  One of his duties includes wiping down the tables following the customers leaving.

Following a delivery, Eric makes his return to Fox's Pizza.  He says he has enjoyed the four months he has spent as a pizza delivery man despite his car breaking down multiple times and once being forced to use his boss's car after his car would not start.