Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nicko Duchesne: Personality Profile

John Pardoe, a sophomore government and politics major at the University of Maryland, does a manual at the Melrose Skate Park in Hyattsville, Md., on March 29.

Not every trick is landed, and a skateboard can provide a hand back up for Pardoe after a bail. Though he's been skateboarding for six years, he's largely escaped serious harm, with a sprained ankle being the most serious injury to date.

Though he may not have broken any bones, Pardoe has broken plenty of boards. "I used to have to buy decks in 10-packs because I broke too many," he explained.

Pardoe does a nose-slide grind on the waxed edge of a box at the skatepark. 

While skateboarding is a fun past-time, it's also quite a workout. An hour of skating on a spring day in the low 60s is enough to break a sweat and warrant a water break.

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