Monday, October 21, 2013

Veteran Empire Takes California

From left to right, Nate "N.T.G." Tiuseco, David "b" Burnell, Alfred "q" Quitevis, Alfred "A.R.T." Russell and his wife, Christina "So Fly" Sofina proudly wear Veteran Empire shirts after a physical training, or PT, session at the gym. Veteran Empire is a lifestyle brand that supports "military veterans in their creative passions."
N.T.G., wearing a Veteran Empire shirt poses next to his rental car for a weekend road trip from Arizona to California on Oct. 18. He originally looked for the most economic option but decided to splurge on a bright yellow 2014 Chevrolet Camaro convertible.
b and q test the light and sound levels before N.T.G.'s interview. Their home in Oceanside, Calif. also serves as the VE headquarters.
b gets into character and reviews the script one last time while q prepares to shoot. 
N.T.G. steps on set for the interview late Friday evening. He recently won an SCCA Autocross race in a rental Nissan Versa, is a Marine motorcycle coach and is being considered to coach for the California Superbike School. 
The VE crew heads to Hollywood Studio Restaurant on Sunset Blvd. on Oct. 19 to support Preston "Prestige" Buttler III while he performs for the Rok That Jam Tour. Veteran Empire gave Prestige a VE shirt to wear on stage.
After the show, a hungry Veteran Empire take a talk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame and buy some bacon-wrapped hot dogs from a street vendor. The vendor suddenly begins to exclaim, "La policia, la policia!"
A flood a street vendors begin to run from police because they are selling illegally without permits. 
One vendor stands in handcuffs in from of The Gap while police write him a citation and confiscate his hot dog cart. 
PT is an important aspect of the VE lifestyle and the company motto is "Do Something!" The crew heads to Muscle Beach at Venice Beach on Oct. 20 for a final PT session to wrap up an eventful weekend. 

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