Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Night Trip to D.C.'s Studio Theater Joelle Lang

University of Maryland students, Amalya Sherman and Lucy Wang, share a moment on the shuttle bus to the College Park Metro late Wednesday evening.  They, along with a few another friends, are traveling into D.C. for an 8 p.m. showing of “The Torch Song Trilogy,” a play about a gay couple’s struggles.  

Students Becca Kraut and Amiad Fredman, interested in seeing the play as well, join the group last minute.  They sigh with relief having made the bus just in time for its departure.  

Student Kara Isakson sucks on a lollipop while awaiting the Metro to D.C.  “It is the perfect waiting around snack,” she admits.  

Sherman and Wang hold hands on the Metro.  They make a pact to get more involved in the fight for gay rights, in anticipation for the play.  

The group follows through a lit up tunnel on their way to the theater and begin to complain about the long travel time it takes to get into the capitol.  “So this is why I never come here,” Sherman says.  

Before the play begins, the group explores the “Shop In The Elevator,” a little store located inside an elevator.   The lights soon begin to flash, signaling the start of the show. 

Fredman steps out for a break during the intermission of the three-hour show. 

Fredman uses the break to fill out a contest form.  He hopes to win a free dinner for one of his lucky friends.  

Unable to sit still, Sherman soon joins Fredman in the lobby.  Sherman closes her eyes as she recounts her favorite scenes from the play.

The group begins to head home after the lengthy show.  Reaching 12 a.m., Sherman leads the group back to the Metro. 

Fredman holds onto the bar on the Metro as he rests his head.  He soon drifts off to sleep.  

As Kraut reads the show's playbill, Wang lets out a yawn.  After a great show, the group is excited to get back to their dorm room beds.