Sunday, October 13, 2013

Wegmans Grand Opening

Sunflowers and roses elegantly comprise the famous Wegmans Fall Signature Bouquet, selling for $22.00 on Sunday, Oct. 13. The Fall Signature Bouquet is one of Wegmans' best selling bouquets this time of year.

Cheese artisan and Wegmans employee Hailey Branscome dons her Seahawks jersey on Oct 13. at Wegmans in Germantown, MD. Wegmans is lenient when it comes to the employee dress code, encouraging staff members to root for their teams by sporting their spirit-wear.

Customers fill up every cash register of the Wegmans on Sunday, anxiously awaiting their turn to buy their goods. The Wegmans has over 25 cash registers and makes use of each one in hopes of maximizing purchases and minimizing wait times.