Monday, October 21, 2013

Career Fair

The Career Fair began at Stamp Student Union Monday, as students tried to position themselves for internships and jobs in the journalism field. The fair was held in the Grand Ballroom inside.
Both students and faculty members help set up the event, including the sign in (seen above). The students would take turns inside interviewing for positions.
Here a student tries to sell himself to WUSA 9 interviewer. Being all smiles and keeping a good conversation may help him do just that.

The most popular booth was the USA Today company. Its line had no less then five people waiting the entire three-and-a-half hours. 
Two students seem to be enjoying the fruits of their labor after long interviews with potential employers. 
The Grand Ballroom begins to clear out as more students and employers realize the time to impress is nearing an end.

The students and faculty begin to clean up the sign in desk outside the Grand Ballroom. All seemed satisfied in the turnout of students.

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