Monday, October 28, 2013

Personality Portraits of Nora Keller, WMUC DJ

Nora Keller gets ready to introduce the next song on No Nostalgia, one of two shows she hosts on WMUC FM, the University of Maryland's radio station. This show, co-hosted by Jack Fangmeyer, specializes in all new music; no oldies allowed.

Keller browses WMUC's extensive vinyl collection, looking for ideas for her other show, Songs for Dads. Keller and co-host Brendan Rappazzo play songs that they feel fathers everywhere would appreciate.  

Keller demonstrates using the station's turntable to play a record on the air. The internet has completely changed the way music is consumed and shared, but Keller still enjoys collecting albums from her favorite bands on vinyl.

Keller adds the finishing touches to a skeleton she drew on the soundproofed walls of the broadcasting booth. She leaves her own distinctive mark among several decades' worth of graffiti. 

Keller hops off a ladder in the live-music room next to the FM booth. She likes to joke around and have fun at the station, but she takes her position as a DJ very seriously. She aspires to have a career in the music industry, and with a marketing internship at the 9:30 Club, she's on her way.