Monday, October 28, 2013

Personality Portrait — Juggling Jeremy

Jeremy Snow, a sophomore multi-platform journalism major, walks near Cole Field House after classes on Monday. On days like today, Snow likes to unwind by throwing around his juggling sticks.
Snow first picked up the hobby in 8th grade when his parents bought a set of juggling sticks for his brother. It was Jeremy, however, who fell in love with the recreational activity.
Snow is a member of the Juggling Club, a student organization that meets every Monday and Friday for jugglers of all kinds to practice and hang out. "I like to go when I'm stressed out," he said.
Though Snow's specialty is with juggling sticks (he's self-reportedly among the best in the Juggling Club), he can also juggle in the traditional way with three objects. In this instance, he juggles with a few pairs of socks to break up a study session.
He assumes a face of serious concentration while juggling, but Snow explained that the hobby is more about catharsis than making sure he doesn't bungle a throw. As soon as the objects return quietly to his hands, he seems to return to his goofy nature.

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