Monday, October 21, 2013

S.T.E.P.P Bonding Weekend

Members of Students Toward Educational Progress and Philanthropy (S.T.E.P.P) attend University of Maryland's Maryland Madness Friday evening in the Cole Field House as a kick off for their "S.T.E.P.P Bonding Weekend."

As new members of S.T.E.P.P, Tiana Walker (Left), Kyndale Lyles(Middle), and Salema Bridges (Right) hope to learn more about their fellow teammates.

New members of S.T.E.P.P gather in their seats to enjoy the Maryland Madness event.
Joyce Afueh (Left) reaching for Maryland's beloved mascot, Testudo.
Salema Bridges (Left) and Tiana Walker (Right) get ready for bed at the S.T.E.P.P sleepover in Montgomery Hall.

Simone Harris (Left) and Alexandra Maye (Right) enjoy a bagel breakfast after the long night.
Members of S.T.E.P.P head out early Saturday morning to the metro station for their community service event in D.C.
Kyndale Lyles buys her single fare pass for the metro to D.C.
S.T.E.P.P members head down U-Street to the organization, Food For All D.C.
Members of S.T.E.PP register their names for Food For All D.C.
Alexandra Maye (Left), Bolu Odubayo (Left middle), Simbiat Shodeinde (Right middle) and Tola Lanlokun (Right) load boxes of food for deliveries to home-bound residents.
Outside the Universalist National Memorial Church S.T.E.P.P finish their community service for the day.

Elizabeth Chagnon received free flowers from the Farmers Market because a flower pot fell on her.  Ironically these flowers are called Bittersweet.
Closing the "Bonding Weekend" with a tasty treat, S.T.E.P.P members enjoy apples at a Farmers Market around the corner from Food For All D.C.

Here is a link to more photos from the S.T.E.P.P Bonding Weekend: